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Discussion in 'New York' started by greyfox, Apr 29, 2006.

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  1. thrasherp


    a rare find... a provider who admits she won't be having an orgasm! Ya gotta appreciate the honesty!
  2. dampfnudel


    jus chillin.

    btw, greek is YMMV.
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  3. BIGd


    Nice review Mr. Fox
    We all know you aint shillin
  4. SlickWilly


    ...or his WWII veteran's pension went up.
  5. jruder



    must have been recent social security cost of living adjustment.
  6. <Lacy>

    <Lacy> Double Super Secret Moderator and UG Shillatrix

    Vermeer you gave someone a tip? Wow what is the world really comming to??

  7. vermeer


    jesus christ, what is the world coming to? $350 for a over the hill hewr?

    last night i gave the biggest tip of my life: $120!! i found a bargain price cocksucker on cl. fellatio was definitely in the top 5 of all time. swallowed the python juice like a champ. i usually charge my hoors for this nutritious snack. but she was so good, i actually gave a tip. this is sure;y a asign the world is ending. in the past 75 years i have never tipped more than $40. and never tipped indy's at all.
  8. BigMadM

    BigMadM Linoleum

    thanx, Im shallow, but I like to know the small things that are important to me. well, maybe not so small, even though shes a bit out of my age preference, she sounds like a winner.
  9. greyfox


    Odor free,no tip requested.
  10. BigMadM

    BigMadM Linoleum

    grey, 2 questions.
    Was she odor free in all areas?
    did she ask for tip or additional fee for greek?
  11. greyfox


    Julia Luv-I saw her ad on eros last time she was visiting NYC from Toronto and sent an electronic mail.The ad was up several weeks before her visit.She called my work # the next day,said hi,chatted a little,set a date and time and said she'd send a reminder message the day before for me to confirm.It all was smooth with 2 call deal and incall at an eastside hotel.I liked the pix in the ad and her website and had read that she gave good service.I've also had generally good experiences with visiting Canadians.Her pix are real but she is a little heavier than she was in the pix.She was wearing a nice tight dress when I met her and I told her I was attracted to thin mature women.She said that she was embarrassed that she had recently gained 7 pounds,blamed it on contraceptive change(DepoProvera),and vowed to lose those pounds before her May visit.She claims to be 36 but is about 40 by my guess.Blond wavy hair,blue eyes angular face nice but not gorgeous,nice legs and ass,natural B tits,flat tummy,minimal love handles,couple of small tats,navel piercing.Clean,well groomed,no glamour make-up.She's friendly with just a hint of an accent.After chatting a bit we started making out standing up fingered her pussy from behind.We got undressed went to bed and continued with DFK,DATY,BBBJ and my usual routine.I like cowgirl since I'm a lazy old bastard,and my fingers have easy anal access which I like.We switched to doggie and I suggested greek.She said she hadn't anticipated a greek session but said she would love to oblige,if I'd allow her to prepare.She went to the loo for a few to enema or whatever and came back ready to go.She took out the vibrators and used a pocket rocket on her clit while I fucked her ass for quite a while.I knew I wouldn't get off this way and pulled out.She laid on her back and used two vibrators on herself for about five minutes but said she couldn't get off and didn't wanna take up too much of my session time(2 hrs)getting herself off.We fucked again for a while,then relaxed and finished BBBJTCNQNS with great technique.She is very accommodating and seems to genuinely like sex without fake moaning or acting.She's warm but wasn't a cuddle bunny and seemed to approach sex in a more technical manner like a man but wasn't mechanical or scripted.A true MILF and good dollar value for above average service level at $350/hr or $650/2hrs.

    P.S.-She visits with her friend Daniela whom I haven't seen but may try the week after next.I don't know if they do doubles.

    P.P.S.-I usually do mini-reviews but tried to add a little more detail after reading the Review School thread.If you think I'm shillin' that's fine,but don't bother to say it in a post. I'm much too polite to tell you to go fuck yourself.