Review: K*a Ft Lee

Discussion in 'NJ/NY/CT Massage / Spa' started by NJnycommute, Jan 15, 2006.

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  1. primeidiot


    KOA is always a fav for R&T. The K girls there always give great massage. And the tug is always good. The L girls there is are not as good. I've never been hagged about $ though.

    I guess I am just a IDIOT
  2. Open Mind

    Open Mind

    been there several times and the korean therapists were always terrific. YMMV and i was always taken care of (HR, nude, possible more which i declined). Last time, a spanish one wanted to negotiate during session and even .5 tip wasn't enough for her and she offered a negative experience. i walked away cutting my losses rather than paying her ransom. other than this one time, i always had a great experience. as much as i like latinas, i would stick to the koreans who were nicer than the hustling spanish one(s). i will tip based on service and not negotiate under fire.

  3. Traderdave


    Been there many times. You can count on a good massage. Nice steam room. Very clean facilities. HJ available. Not sure about anything else-ymmv. Do check the muni lot parking times since I got a ticket there late at night. It has stood the etst of time so I would not worry about LE. Usually latinas and older K-women. Nothing special
  4. NJnycommute


    So I've been there about three times. One time was an Asian, not a bad experience. You take the elevator up to the top floor, pay the door fee, 60, and she gives you a key with a locker number on it. Open stall showers (kinda strange, but nobody was around then). On my way out, I saw an Asian MAN giving a table shower. To another man. Apparently the women don't do table showers.
    Massage was decent the first time I was there. On the flip, an older asian woman came in, too- not the mamasan. Both of them joined in- no extra fee. That was pretty cool.

    The second and third time I was there, I had 2 latinas. One was heavier, one was thinner- both had pretty faces. BOTH strattled (six/nine) me for 80 or 100, totally nude. Veru eager, and they definately got turned on.

    All-in-all, great experiences. I suggest parking in the muni lot behind. For location, this place is very close to the new Lemoine place that has gotten miserable reviews here.