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Discussion in 'Las Vegas / Nevada' started by dumpy, Jul 6, 2006.

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  1. dumpy


    Saw her ad on Craigslist. Don't have the link but she posts regularly. Just do a search using her name.

    Slim and attractive black girl. Ads say she's 23, I'd peg her in her late 20s. Pics are accurate. She had a 4th of July special ($100 1/2 hour) so I called her up. Location was a budget suites type place. Some homeboys hanging around but not too bad.

    Like I said, she's slim and attractive, her breasts have some sag to them but the rest of the body is tight. She's very friendly but was not GFE for me (Only 1/2 hour session so YMMV). Very good CBJ to doggie to reverse CG, then her Aunt Flow dropped by. She finished with CBJ. Pretty good skills and a great price. Her regular rates are a bit higher. I will probably see her again.