Review: King Spa, New City

Discussion in 'NJ/NY/CT Spa' started by komplex, Sep 27, 2007.

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  1. joebawlz


    King Spa

    Is this............................?
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  2. primeidiot


    Was the two-for still offered??

    Had a two girl massage at this place last summer. Very cool. A 4 hand R+T is really nice. Was only 60 for the hour....of course you had to tip both girls.

    I guess i am just an IDIOT
  3. komplex


    Location 271 S. Little Tor Road, New City
    Phone: 845-634-6116

    Basic R&T Place. $60 Door, $40 tip.

    It's in the back of a strip mall, near a restaurant parking is easy and discreet.

    Went there on a Saturday morning, first time visit. Got an older woman, there was a cuter one available, but it looked like it was the older one's turn. I wasn't going to cause a stink for my first time at a place. And I've had good results with Older girls throughout my travels. They know the right things to say, to do, they know why you are there and what their job is, sure the tits are saggy when you get under that overpadded bra, but you'll get a decent massage and a great HJ.

    You know all the little things that a girl does to make you feel good? A playful tickle, pointing to your penis, saying you're cute, where you from, etc. We know it's fake, She knows it's fake, but you never really know how much you need them until they're not there.

    The Towel on the massage table was a paper towel, and when it came time to clean up, she just ripped a bit off.

    The Table Shower was OK, not great, washed in all the right places, but missing something. The Massage was OK. The HR was OK. The finger up my ass was OK.

    The ad said Sauna and Jacuzzi, but the Jacuzzi wasn't filled, and the sauna wasn't offered. The ad also said $40 before 2pm, but they said the ad was wrong.

    If I paid $40 and (or?) tipped $20, I might have a better opinion of this place - good value for the money.

    Everything was OK, but on the low side of OK.

    Would I go back? I'm new to the area, so I'm going to check a few other places out (of course I'll report back to you guys). I'll probably want to check out the place during more normal hours, but there's a few other places that I have to check first.