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Discussion in 'New York' started by shorty, Apr 3, 2006.

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  1. BigMadM

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    shorty,Id still have no problem dealing with NY tens if theyd do queens.
    Id really love to see them take out an ad on this board again, expand into the island and outer boroughs.

    WL-I no longer care if an escort orgasms or not. If she wants me to give her the time of her life, she will have to pay me. Ive come to realize how good I am, its about time Im compensated for my oral skills that drive most females to heights theyve forgotten about or have never seen.
  2. whitelightening

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    But Miki, you have t write a review aftrewards to keep my reputation high fro being able to give the ladies a wild uncontrollable orgasm.
  3. whitelightening

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    Miki Babe, you still got it. What you lack in firmness you make up in energy and enthusiasim. All you have got to do is bring out those toys and let your uninhibited side be exposed and exlosions are felt across the globe.
    Now if I can only try my new found talent of being able to get you to squirt then we have something. I can guarantee a wet session on your behalf. You can pay me what you think the service was worth (LOL)
  4. MikitheMilf



    I know, I know
  5. shorty


    for the record - I paid for non-GFE (250) with a 50 tip. She's an agency girl and I always tip agency girls when I truly enjoy myself. I was hoping for GFE and Greek but went in knowing that I may not get it. Was I disappointed? Initially yes, but I got over it.

    April - I WAS happy with the service. I would have been happier if you were still in town and the session was with you but alas, my dear, your sweet butt is in Florida for the time being. Don't think I'm not going to look you up when you get into town in two weeks. You can make up for my "disappointment" with this one..... :)

    As for Sal not keeping his promise, he made it clear to me that she was new and wasn't quite sure what she would be up for. If my review didn't indicate that, I apologize. What he DID promise me was a hot girl and a fun time, which was true.

    BMM - Unfortunately, NY10 is strictly in the City. Sorry.

    Daddycool - I initially started looking for GFE and Greek but decided to give the new girl a try, knowing well that I may or may not get either. Can you give Amy a call for me and see if you convince her for GFE and Greek for me? You seem to have a way with

    In the end, I had a good time......

    (why do I feel like I'm in the middle of the spanish inquisition)
  6. Ozzy


    At least he wasn't expecting one of those Brazilian models they load their website up with. I showed those pics to a few real brazilians and they said some were ripped right out of some Brazilian fashion mags.... In other words... bait n switch.

    btw... I ordered something from NY tens to Queens a few months ago off a CL , but it was at night around 2am. What I got was not the hot blonde in the ad, but more like her mother and not willing to do the services advertised.
  7. Lascivious


    Man, seems to me young and hot wins out everytime.
  8. Daddycool


    I was just thinking the same thing. Shorty you started your review saying you were looking specifically FOR GFE AND GREEK and got neither. Now she may have won you over with her looks and performance but she did not deliver or Sal did not deliver on your requests.
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  9. April

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    So you asked and paid for GFE and greek and you got:

    no DFK, no bbbj and no Greek.

    Aside from the fact she was hot and young.....your happy with this?
  10. BigMadM

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    ny tens doesnt send girls to queens, at least they told me that, or maybe they dont do days, either way, I dont think they care for me too much.
    I have nothing against them. I am what I am.
  11. shorty


    thanks you clearing that up slinky.
  12. Slinky Bender

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    Just by way of clarification: Agencies don't have to be advertisers for members to post reviews. If agencies are former advertisers, it's still ok to post reviews. But, if agencies screw us (usually be telling us to keep an ad up and they will pay us, and then drags us around, and then stiffs us for what they owe us).... as The Donald likes to say "I fuck back in spades".
  13. shorty


    Friday night I was in one of my strange moods. Didn’t want AMP, didn’t want strip club activities but I wanted something. I started to do some surfing with the UG advertisers (as I always look to them first). I made a few phone calls but didn’t find what I was looking for. Either the timing was off or the location didn’t work for me. So I went hunting elsewhere. I had it stuck in my mind that I wanted GFE and Greek. As I perused around the web, I came across the site of an old UG advertiser (NY10)

    (This is the part of the program where I may get banned. Slinkster and staff, if this review violates board policy, please delete the thread. I won’t question your deletion. It IS a legitimate review, as I have never posted bogus one. I wanted to share the wealth with my UG bretheren)

    I called "S" and asked for a GFE who spoke greek. He said he had two girls available for when I needed them (immediately). One of them was a BBW and I'm not into that. The other was a new girl in Kristina and he thought I might have some fun with her so I agreed to see her. I’ve used Sal in the past and I’ve never gone wrong with him. Usual two call system and I get to the incall location.

    I’ll ignore the fact that I had to walk up four flights of stairs. My fear was having a heart attack BEFORE I had a session with Kristina. The building had no elevator. She opens the door and I see this cute little 22 year old Spanish girl with a nice hot body. About 5’2, 110lbs, perky b cup, nice soft round ass. Adorable, almost school girlish face. She’s 22 but looks like she’s 18 or 19. BMM – she falls in your category for looks that you like. She met at the door in a cute little halter top with daisy duke shorts on.

    We start out with a little lfk. I ask upfront what’s she comfortable with and what’s she’s not comfortable with. She tells me that everything is safe and covered. No traveling to Greece, either. I was okay with this and I never push the girls into anything they’re not comfortable with. Sal had mentioned that he wasn’t sure what she was comfortable with and I was willing to take the risk.

    I took a quick shower and laid down on the bed. She joined me and asked me to remove her top for her. I was drooling when the top came off. She had the nicest breastisties. A little more lfk. She went for the cover and did the “AMP trick” and rolled the cover on with her mouth. I received an outstanding CBJ. I would have preferred a BBJ but she made up for the cover with technique. I asked her to hop on and off to the races we went with CG, followed by mish and ended the race their with my first pop.

    She cleaned me up and we sat and talked a while. She’s a sweet girl with a sweet personality and knows how to hold a conversation. I was very comfortable with her. After a while, I asked for round two. I initiated DATY. Very clean, not shaven but trimmed. Sweet taste and smell. From her moaning and bucking I got the impression that she enjoys DATY. Turned her over for some 69, followed by reverse CG. Moved to doggie and finished in true shorty form with her. Took a quick shower again to clean up and left. All in all, I had a good time.

    Good points – great CBJ techniques, killer body, tight snatch and great personality.
    Bad points –Everything covered, NO DFK, no play whatsoever at the back door. I accidentally rubbed my finger on her back door and she nearly jumped out of her skin from shock.

    Total Damage - 3 bills.