Review - Lotus Foot Rub 6th ave and 30th

Discussion in 'NJ/NY/CT Spa' started by ackerman93, Sep 1, 2010.

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  1. ackerman93


    A few weeks ago I went to Lotus Foot Rub on 6th ave and 30th. I go in and get Lily, super fucking foxy for an amp girl. I'd give her an 7 not even by AMP standards. She was slim long black hair, b cups perhaps and bad english. I take the hh for 30 and i lie down and begin the massage. It was just fine, not the worst not the best but it was ok. I give her the high sign and she goes with the soft touch on the ass for a few and i say i want to flip. She does and starts doing the cooing and soft touch on chest and goes downtown... and starts haggline. "You take care of me?" I tell her 20 and she says no, 40 so we get into it and at the end she says "and 10 for mamasan" im half way through this thing and shes masagging my chest and massaging the Mackerman intermittently but im like fuck that... until we get to the 10 minute left mark. I tell her 40 total she agrees then pulls the me no understand and demands give me a good he and pulls her tits out for me to play with . dont dig the fake cooing but shes hot and has a killer rack. I pay her the 40 and she says and "10 for mamasan" I pay and leave never to return. Fuck those tactics