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Discussion in 'Craigs list & Backpage' started by Gmac, Jan 10, 2006.

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  1. MrFreeze451


    I guess there is always a good reason the picture does not show a face and it aint cuz she is being discreet. Thanks for the info, i was on the cusp of calling her.
  2. yamaha


    now thats a good post, honest and looking out for the others. she looks ok by the pics and i would have done the same take it while it's there. lets face it 100 beans is a amazing for her to come to you get naked sit on you give a hj while she plays with herself you got your moneies worth and then some. other than the face she seems to have a good body as you state. have fun be safe.
  3. Gmac



    I posted a response in the horney housewife thread but I didnt want to hijack it.

    I saw this girl maybe 2 months ago. Forgot to write a review on it so here it goes. I got in touch with this girl and set up an appointment. Time was set and everything. She calls me back and says she will be late. After she gets on her way to see me she gets lost. I had to explain it 3 times to her which made her even later. I think she is an independent because she was driving herself to me and she answered her own phone. She gets to my place and I open the door, OMFG her face was maybe a 3-4. She wasnt the best thing to look at and I should have just said no but as alot of us know the big heads dont do the talking at that point. I let her in and we went to the bedroom. I put the 100 down and we both got naked. I laid down and she climed on me and put her ass right on my chest(she did have a nice ass) facing away from my face. She proceded to stroke me but I could get into it becasue she was sitting on my chest. Mr. Winki started to get soft so I asked her to get off of me. She laid down next to me and she asked if I wanted her to play with herself. She did and was vocal as far as moans go. I finished myself off and wanted her out a.s.a.p.

    Her body was a 6-7, face 3-4, ass 7-8. Damage was 100. I wouldnt call her again and I dont recommend her either. There are better hj out there.

    P.S. I only wanted a HJ, nothing more.