REVIEW: Maya @ I Street

Discussion in 'DC & Baltimore / Maryland / Virginia / Delaware' started by Prince, Jun 29, 2006.

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  1. Prince

    Prince Of The Pantywaste Palace

    Since I had a great time with Sophia at Oriental Spa I decided to go back and see what else they had to offer. Mamasan already knew me and told me she’d make sure I have a great time again. She hustled me into a room and went to get one of the girls. She showed me one girl – nice, very cute, but a little flat chested. I asked to see who else she had, so she said OK and went and got Maya. Maya was very tiny – maybe only 4’11 at best, but with an outstanding little figure – 34C (natural) 22 34, very sexy figure, very friendly, and raring to go.

    Nice TS with a little bit of playing around. Dried me off and went back to the room. I pulled her towards me and started to kiss her neck. Immediately she was moaning and groaning. She brushed her hair out of my way and started to kiss my ear and then a little LFK. I knew this was going to be good.

    Bent her over the table and stared to massage her back, then her ass and then I reached under and started to rub her pussy. She loved it and let me know it. I rubbed her clit and then slipped a finger inside her. She was dripping wet with excitement. We began a little fake standing doggie with Big Jim rubbing the outside of her pussy. She had her hand down there as well, rubbing him to excitement. I laid her down and started on her neck again, moved to her sweet tits. Natural, perky with awesome nips. Began sucking and licking them all while she was holding my head. I then moved south and dove into that nicely trimmed snatch and began a great dining experience. Within 5 minutes brought her to an O (she was convulsing and arching all the way).

    My turn, I laid down and she was all over me. My neck, my chest, then she went and lifted the twins and began to rim me for quite a while at the same time stroking the big guy. She then was licking and sucking the shaft while at the same time caressing the twins. She slipped on a cover and went at Big Jim with gusto. Very nice sucking job indeed. She then jumped on for some rather exuberant CG. Although she started slow and deep with this, she went into an overdrive mode that was awesome. From here we flipped over to some doggie. For every thrust I made, she pushed me back and then some. We then decided to give mish a try. Started with some modified mish (me on my knees, her legs up with her feet on my shoulders., and then back to doggie and then back again to a conventional mish to finish. Whew! This girl can fuck forever.

    Greta time with this sweetie. Afterwards she cuddled right up to me and we both took a nap. She then got up and got some hot wash cloths, cleaned me up and away I went.

    Highly recommend this girl. She knows how to turn you on, keep you on the edge and screw you til you die.

    Looks – 8.5 Attitude – 9 Performance - 9