Review: Monique Of CL aviod at all costs

Discussion in 'New York' started by MonkeyMule, Jan 19, 2006.

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  1. MonkeyMule


    OH yeah, i asked it was way off limits. And as dry as she was I'd hav gotten the worst blister ever if I tired.

    And to top everything else off she told me after I didn't cum on the third stroke "I don't normaly do black guys casue this happens." I could have just set my money on fire and had more fun.
  2. kongfish


    slip one

    you shoulda sliped the (8 inch-yeh right) in her ass, bet that woulda given her some inspiration..
  3. Bandaid



    You oughta get the Rookie of the Week award for that one. You're going to be a good addition to this board. Thanks. And her picture looked good, too!
  4. jjred675


    yeah, no way i'm seeing her either. craigs list has been pretty lame lately.
  5. EHHa


    a very funny, well told report!
  6. gup22005


    thanks for the warning i've been watching this chick for some time and actually called her friday and she told me her new rate was now $ and that the 80 was just a special so I took a pass.
  7. MonkeyMule


    Yes that would be the lazy Court-TV watcing one. Trust me bro, I took one for the team on this one, you don't want to find out first hand.
  8. jjred675


    are you talking about the black chick that posts "carribbean queen"? pink shirt in pics?
  9. wheninvegas2005


    Thanks for the warning Mule. Not sure why but I never get tired of girls telling me I have a big dick. Do I have a self esteem problem?
  10. lepke


    Good post buddy your first clue was her not turning off the TV but you know that already...
  11. RuffToy


    Your story...not experience.
    BTW, there was a hidden camera in the room. You were punked. That was me on the phone with her. She's actually one of worlds greatest providers.
  12. miss1971

    miss1971 <b>SILVER</b>

    nice style....i can't wait to read more of your posts....verrry funny dude!
  13. MonkeyMule


    Ok so I got a little antsy and decided to go a-whoring. I’d seen this girls pics on CL by the name of Monique, and hell she looked hot, and the price was right ($.8) so I packed up after a head day at work and headed down.

    On to the particulars. First of all, the pictures are pretty damn accurate. She’s about 36C nice hang on the boobies, and a 10 on the Ass scale. Pretty face, in fact I’d have really enjoyed if she wasn’t such a dispassionate bitch.

    SO I show up at her shoebox sized hotel room in midtown. Seriously folks, its tiny. If you’re a big guy, you might not want to go check her out cause there is about 14 inches between the door and the bed, I am not kidding. I digress. I open up the door after getting the room number on the second call (the first gave me the hotel location, name , and floor the room was on) and she’s there in a bath room with court TV on.

    At this point, things just seemed a bit odd. Who the hell watches TV about a kid who killed his family before having sex? Yeah I dunno either. So we get the business out of the way, and she’s surprised the gift is in an envelope -obviously a woman of class and distinction. There is a bit of small talk, mostly about the stuff on TV (boner inspiring as it was) and I start to strip. After getting down to the naked glory that is I, I asked her to turn of the TV because listening to some dude testify about why he murdered his father, sister and step-mother is kinda depressing. She didn’t want to. At this point I should have bailed, but being an idiot and looking at her smoking hot ass I got stupid. She did concede by turning the TV down three notches.

    We get down to it, and damn if I don’t get tired of hearing I have a big dick, however for the second time in a row, it was my down fall with a hooker. We jump to the CBJ (and at $.8 I can’t really expect more than that now can I?) things are going good, and now we get down to business. After making me PROMISE to go easy with Da Wang I mouth up missionary and She could not be any less interested! The chick is moaning kinda sortta at first, then she Kind a zones out and starts watching the TV. I ask if I can get down for some doggie and she’s like, only when your about to cum. Dudes, this chicks tone never once changed the entire time I was there. It was freaking weird man, here I am banging the headboard into the wall rocking the entire bed and she’s talking to me like “Hey, I wonder if dogs really can look up?”

    Needless to say, I’m kinda getting out of it here, tight poon, or no tight poon I’d like to pretend for a bit that the woman I’m banging would in fact rather be there with me instead of say, I dunno watching paint dry on a mutilated cow corpse-post anal probing. After I convince her I’m almost there 8which honest to god I was) she turns over and I start really pounding her and getting close, she just kinda dies on me. Just start BLATANTLY staring at the TV and abandons any pretense of being into it. Hell I ever asked her, c’mon get into it” and she responded “I am” which is kinda sad..

    So anyway the whole time her phone is going off and I’m wondering why the hell doesn’t she just turn the ringer off while I’m here at least? Its not like she’s gonna take a call! And what the hell do you know why the chick is riding me, the WHORE (which in this case is not an insult, just an accurate description of the women in question; though I wish it was) ANSWERS THE GOD DAMN PHONE. And don’t you know it, she’s got that same damn deadpan voice tone with 8 inches of cock in her. By this point any thoughts of me salvaging this session have been lost and I’m plotting on how to steal my money back with out having to deck the bitch. Rap it up with a cum shot on the chest (self-induced of course) and I’m out the door wishing I had just bought some new boots or giant bag of dog shit, or just about anything else then that money grubbing whore.

    Take my advice, and run like hell. FAST AND FAR. Also, she never checked the envelope while I was there, so feel free to short change her ass, I don’t care.
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