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Discussion in 'New York' started by CocotteCritic, Aug 10, 2001.

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  1. I'm a f&*#ing moron

    Sorry about double posting in this thread. Numbscullery. Apparently more than one day is too much for my memory.

    Anyway, I'm confused by the last post. Natasha's a big gal, but not fat. And she's got pretty short hair all 'round as I recall. We talkin' bout the same gal?
  2. information


    Natasha, Kisha(?)

    I've seen several good reviews of natasha, but my own experience with her was a great disappointment. She's on the fat side, she's not flexible in session, she's got too much hair everywhere, she's a borring conversationalist, and she insists on a long backrub before any action (I'm not paying for that).

    However, there's a new black girl there, her name is Kisha (have no idea about the spelling). She's young, very pretty face, beautify body, exceptional in session. They say she just started working, they say that about all new girls, but it could be true about her, she has that sweet innocence about her.
  3. Happily seconding this

    If I'm not mistaken -- and I don't mean to sound like I'm bragging here, ahem -- but I was one of Natasha's first US customers several weeks ago. I thought she was quite good. Tall, as noted. We had a fun time. She was light on sleep. I want to say this was mid-August.

    Lovely accent.

    The physics of doing this with such a tall lass is quite extraordinary, but I don't think I lasted more than a moment or two that day.

    Anyway, seconded. Or thirded. Or whatever.
  4. Xerxes


    Natasha @ KS

    I had the pleasure of spending half an hour with Natasha @ KS last week and it turned out to be a great session. She has a great attitude and is extremely friendly. She is also very well versed in Greek. Her vital stats are as follows:

    Age 25-27, Height 5'11", color of hair blonde chin length, Weight 145 lbs, color of eyes blue, breast size, 34c, price $200 + $200 surcharge for Greek.

    As per usual my field report is available via email (
  5. hot4chicks


    sb- Apparently a $200 surcharge for putting it a slightly different way
  6. Slinky Bender

    Slinky Bender The All Powerful Moderator

    I guess she won't be the only one saying "ouch" ( you know I really wanted to put that a slightly different way, but.....).
  7. Xerxes


    I called and they told me that the Greek surcharge is $200.
  8. ratto


    Any others?

    Has anyone seen anyone else there recently? All of the girls on their web site seem to be new - no reviews of them around that I could find except for Halle.

    Sophia's photos, especially are smokin'
  9. bro_xtian


    she really is quite beautiful, definately piqued my interest.

    one question, is there an extra charge for the greek conversation?
  10. I'll second that..

    Saw Natasha a couple of weeks ago. Friendly, open gal with pretty good form. She's attractive, about 5'11" and does wear heels. Blond hair, B-cup (a guess). Services included light kissing, CBJ and FS, as per usual, but she was better than most youngsters. Took charge, which was nice. Chatty, but not to the point of annoyance. Gave a good backrub as I recall. Two cups avail.
  11. CocotteCritic


    I just got done seeing Natasha (the new Aussie Blonde) at Kama Sutra. I originally went to see another girl, but because of a scheduling screw up I had to make a new selection. Fortunately I choose wisely.

    Natsha is a tall blonde, with a nice body and a great personality. She is very affectionate, into making sure that you are fully satisfied and offers greek. Since I only opted for the half hour, I did not get the chance to find out if DATY or BBBJ were available, but judging by what I did get to experience I think they probably are.

    A definite repeat.