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Discussion in 'Northern New Jersey' started by Prince, May 12, 2006.

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  1. wanguy30


    Prince, good to see you again!

    < My contribution to Nikki's review >

    Scheduled an hour appointment with Nikki. Arrived a little early, she is as described... midwest gal, slightly big-boned, very sweet and easy to talk to. I was a little nervous, but she made me feel comfortable with a little back massage and a nice conversation. She started with a little kissing and got things started. It didn't take long before she ended up giving me her famous BBBJTCNQNS. (my first one ever!) It was incredible, I must have squirted for at least 20 seconds after the initial explosion. Nikki swallowed the whole thing, not a single drop spilled.

    We talked a little before I had a special request... to take a shower together. We both went into the shower and I started to clean up dirty little Nikki. I paid special attention to her nice soft breasts and of course her clean shaven kitty cat. A little rubby here and there and Nikki got really wet and started moaning. Next thing I know she's moaning and grabbing the shower rod to lift herself higher while I'm giving her a nice tongue bath. For a tall gal, she's very agile and nimble. She came within 5 mins. To be honest, I was so into it I wouldn't have known if she was acting or not. I wanted to get dried up and back in bed... but Nikki had other ideas. She got on her knees and started with BBBJ round 2. It didn't take long before I shot a second load down her throat. Once again, not a single drop spilled. I didn't think I had a second cup in me but she insisted! Who am I to argue with what the lady wants.

    Overall, the experience was great. She left my legs so wobbly that I actually stumpled on my way out of the bedroom. Nikki is as advertised, a true GFE with a great BBBJTC. My only regret was not to do the shower thingie first. Next time I'll give her a little more time to get ready. The bed was a little messy and she had a slight scent of the last guy on her. Of course, the shower took care of that. Nikki is a sweetheart and loves to please, I would definitely repeat if she's back in town. Nikki, if you're reading this... I'm going for a third cup (the gold) next time.

    Looks – 6
    Performance – 8
    Attitude – 8
    Damage - $225 /hr
  2. Prince

    Prince Of The Pantywaste Palace

    Getting ready to leave for the west coast on business and just before leaving, I read that Nikki of Eliteb***** was still in town. I’ve read many positive things about her and had to find out for myself. Called her up and made an appointment for within the hour. . .no sweat. Got to her hotel in Lyndhurst, called and she gave me the room number and went right up. She answered the door dressed in a white sun dress, looking very fresh, wholesome but with a naughty look in her eyes.

    Closed the door and lip locked instantly. Nice DFK right from the get go (I like that). While kissing, we both explored each other with our hands and to my pleasant surprise I found her to be wearing nothing under that sun dress of hers (nice). Dropped the donation on the desk and whle doing so, we both stripped and jumped right into bed. The DFK continued and we both played and fondled each other. Nikki isn’t a skinny model-like waif, but not fat either. . .she’s a sweet Midwestern big boned honey.

    While playing, I spent a little time at her neck, moved down to a pair of very sweet and larger than I imagined “tata’s.” I say more than I imagined because based on her photographs you’d think she has relatively small breasts, but in reality this girl has a pair of natural D’s that are nice to play with. From there, I moved south of the border for a lengthy taste of her sweet, shaved womanhood. Time spent was well received and then laid back for her to give me an incredibly silky, well done BBBJ. WOW, this girl gives one of the best BBBJ’s I’ve ever had (and CIM is no problem as well). Truly a beautiful thing. She varies what she does and does it well.

    She then covered me up and went for a ride. Again, nice action from above as well as nice and tight. Flipped her around for some doggie and went at it until I popped. Afterwards, we laid around and chatted for a while. Very nice woman to talk to.

    Overall, very nice time, very GFE and I would repeat (awesome BBBJ).

    Looks – 6/7
    Performance – 8.5
    Attitude – 9