review of angelina on CL

Discussion in 'Craigs list & Backpage' started by jjred675, Jul 17, 2006.

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  1. tonynyc


    Was that 1.5 for the hour or the / ?
  2. jjred675


    hey guys,
    i've been away from the board for awhile, but here's some new info:

    i just saw "angelina". she's been posting recently on cl with different subject lines. her number ends in 6463.

    anyway, here's the review, she does incall on the west side in the 60's. small, neat, well-lit apt. she is definitely the girl in the pics, but she does not look as good in real life. she is heavier (in the stomach) than the pics would make you think, but it's def her. she was wearing the same bra from one of the pics. she looks young and swears she is only 19, which i believe. her personality is pleasant, but she won't do any of the so-called gfe stuff. she did, however, move into various positions when asked.

    she also told me that she does porn under the name lexia, one at blackbachelor dot com and one at west coast something or other... i did a little research and found her on the blackbachelor one. if you go through the "more freaks" links toward the end, you can see her under the title buffalo nyc hooker....

    anyway, that's that. damage was 1.5. i probably won't repeat, but it wasn't bad.