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Discussion in 'Craigs list & Backpage' started by bomber6989, May 1, 2006.

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  1. BIGd


    If you hobby enough something like this is bound to happen. Years ago I ended up in a room with an it. The tip off was she wouldnt let me between her legs. My instincts must have kicked in because I didnt permit any action until I saw the goods. When the truth came out, I threatened to beat the crap out of him and he ran like a scared jackrabbit.

    The deal is, upon reflection back then, the trany population seems to get a kick out of "passing." I did get burned for a hotel room and also needed 14 showers and I didnt touch any part of it.

    The main point is Bomber isnt remotely gay nor does he need to surrender his homophobe identification card, as long as he really didnt know.
  2. mitchmaxx


    I was working downtown, and had to work until 9 or so, told the wife I was working till 11, and had a few hours to play, it was late, and I picked up a voice, I called a few of the girls, and finally found one available, I was drinking since 8 or so, and was starting to feel it. I get to the apt, a little shit hole in the 20's, and walk in. I see before me a 6 foot tall blonde, in bare feet, I feel a little strange, but I am whacked, so I start the action..... wellllll about 15 minutes into it, I am NOTA getting hard, no way, so I start to talk to her/it.... turns out she used to be a he, and did not hide it, in my drunken state, I didn't notice what section of the voice I was reading.... I don't know if it was my subconscience, or the booze, but what ever it was that made my dick stay soft, I thank it till this day.... she was so passable though..... hey, shit happens, so I guess I got head from one of those things, eeeccchhh....don't feel too bad bomber, it happens to the best of us.
  3. bomber6989


    It's nice to be called rational. But I haven't changed at all (except maybe for the 14 showers that I took when I first found out).
  4. jyris


    Bomber deserves credit for responding to this f'd-up situation in a rational way, and some of the suggestions for recognizing a lying TS have been useful. Jokes about how this experience somehow makes him gay? Less helpful, IMO.
  5. Kano


    100% Agree a guy is a Guy - Chopped or Not
  6. 10012


    I very rarely post here because I find that I can't provide any new info that you guys don't already know but I need to add my .02 on this.

    Barbi is 100% post-op TS. I made the trip to Hoboken to see her/him and when I walked in, I knew it, asked to confirm and then left.

    I noticed that this POS started posting ads for both TS and as a 100% fem. When I asked her why, she told me that most guys wouldn't know and if they did, they wouldn't care once they got there. IMO, a guy is a guy even if he gets his dick tucked in.

    So, Bomber - congrats on banging a guy.
  7. Kano


    Damn you alot calmer then I would be in that situation. (Just threw up for you)

    He's playing dangerously not telling peeps the real deal. God forbid he runs into a true homophob who doesnt take it lightly.
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  8. bomber6989


    I'm pretty weirded out, but it's not going to change my life. Especially since she was post-op.

    I'll just be a lot more careful in the future, especially with the ones with pix that look too good to be true. I probably will also stick to providers & agencies that I know & have used in the past.
  9. licker9


    I just read through this whole thread. nice laugh, though I feel really bad for bomber and disgusted at what the post op did.

    Another reason not to trust CL.

    Btw next time you see the word "barbie" used, it usually means fake knockers, lips or something!

    Hey bombed - whats your reaction now that you know she was a he?
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  10. Tony Pepperoni

    Tony Pepperoni

    Yup. Your Barbi used to be a Ken. Bomber, you are now officially playing for the pink team and should conduct all future posting in the "Alternative" section.
  11. teddykgb


    yikes!! what a heartbreaker.

    i don't know about "y'all", but it's my opinion that whatever reaction bomber has to this disgraziatta, it is justified and well-deserved. there are no limits in my book to the ramifications of such a blatant act of ignominy and deception.

    on the other hand, ARE YOU ******* BLIND, B-DOG!!!!!!!!!!!???????
  12. <Lacy>

    <Lacy> Double Super Secret Moderator and UG Shillatrix


  13. sunraider7


    Unfortunately, yes

    I thought "she" was a she until we....At that moment I thought I was going to puke my guts up, then die, and finally rise from the dead and kick "her" in the a**, but instead I asked "her" to get dressed and get out of my sight.

    After that I went through a serious guilt trip for quite a while and I abstained from having sex for several months. During that time I had to ask myself if that one experience with the trannie made me "gay," and I came to the conclusion after a week or two that I was not turning queer.

    I've been a heterosexual monger since the early seventies, and during that time I've been married and divorced, with several very sexual relationships with women during the last 30 plus years. I've had good pussy, and not so good pussy; I've had it black, white, latina, and asian; young, old and in between, etc., etc. The point is, I know what a woman's pussy feels like, and as I stated in my previous post, a tranny's c**t is very shallow and lacking.

    And for what it is worth, I think that a lot of guys who solicit providers, eventually meet a woman who may not be a woman. Just take a look at the latina file in if you don't believe me.
  14. betty_snj


    now...that's interesting...HOW a post op get wet? where it come from?

    I think....a bottle of lube, reason DATY was discoraged.

    Sooooooo....when you guys are in doubt, just finger the pussy and lick it.

    If is a real girl, will taste like pussy juices.

  15. neilz


    It's shallow because that balls are still tucked in there.
  16. bomber6989


    Believe it or not, the thought never crossed my mind. I'm still not 100% sure either way.

    Her voice didn't sound like what you usually associate with a TS. And, even though DATY was discouraged, fingering was OK and it was really wet in there.
  17. lepke



    Sounded like it Billy..
  18. billyS


    Are we speaking from experience?
  19. sunraider7


    Looks like a trannie to me

    She was probably a very feminine he at one time, however, looks "ain't everything." The dead give-a-way in determining if you're doing the nasty with a trannie is always the depth, and elasticity of her birth canal. If it seems like its a bit shallow, then she was once a he.
  20. lepke



    Turnoff #4 Started talking about the NFL draft and seemed to know more than he did....