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Discussion in 'Northern New Jersey' started by curious, Feb 8, 2003.

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  1. hot4chicks


    I thought this was about Chelsea Clinton
  2. NJDawg


    Anyone heard from Chelsea lately?

    I've been wanting to see her for a long time, and recently came across her ***** and number. Before I contact her, just wanted to know if she was still seeing clients???
  3. kennylingus


    I'm not sure it's the same girl, but the Chelsea I saw was tall, red hair, very light, almost pale complexion with a few freckles. She was extremely horny and accomodating. Back then it was bbbj.
    Sweet girl and never a bad session (at least the 2 or 3 times I saw her. When I tried to make an appointment some time later, the service said she was in love and had gotten engaged and left.
  4. Austin


    ??? CIA ???
  5. Bill Furniture

    Bill Furniture Flounder

    I knew she was a former dancer, but I never heard about the agency.
  6. rockit



    I think you are right that Chelsea is a former agency girl. Your a lucky dog to get the overcoat-nylons treatment - that must have been some sight!
  7. kennylingus


    She sounds like the same Chelsea I saw a couple of years ago. She worked for a service in Central NJ then. When she showed up at my room, she mentioned how she was having a hard time keeping her overcoat from flying open (it was windy). She then said, "and I don't have anything on underneath" and put her foot up on the bed revealing black stockings and a garter belt and not much else. I will NEVER forget that. She's hot as hell!
  8. curious


    Okay, it's about time I started posting reviews, rather than just the usual smartass remark. Since my locale tends to be a bit thin on reliable, quality company, I decided to look further afield. A search of the NNJ board yielded great leads- you guys have some real choices here!

    One in particular that caught my eye was Chelsea.

    After some back-and-forth, I finally set up a meeting for last Sunday. I call when I'm rounding the last few turns before pulling into the parking lot, so that she knows I'm near. Waiting for me on the other side of the door was a real treat (to my mind anyway); a tall, shapely woman with a warm, easy-going attitude, and a smile that came so easily I couldn’t help but consider it natural.

    Chelsea is about 26, 5'10", with auburn hair past the shoulders, bluish-green eyes, and an excellent frame with wonderful distribution of the flesh (a somewhat generous bottom, but good proportionality)... about a 34B for you breast men, and of fair complexion with a dusting of freckles.

    Chelsea is earthy, yet also refined- she can more than hold her own in conversation, (she’s got a lot of what I’d look for in a GF in the Real World); someone in the other thread who said she was “intuitive” definitely had that right – she has a good feel for situations and how to proceed.

    Anyway, she's wearing a nightie when she answers the door- sort of a baby-doll outfit - some incense is burning on the table, to make for a relaxing atmosphere.

    She greets me as a GF might, with a cheerful embrace and invites me in. As the door closes, we do some LFK (I did some phone with her before setting the appointment so she could “feel me out”, YMMV based on how much setup you do) and she leads me to the couch. While she’s lighting up a smoke (for relaxation), I put the fee on the table. We do a bit of small talk, and some absent-minded petting… and more LFK which progresses to DFK (she’s a EXCELLENT kisser :D ). It isn’t long before I’m cupping her breasts and getting her top off, and she’s getting my clothes undone…

    One of the many notable things about Chelsea is that she has this wonderfully soft, creamy skin. It’s a pleasure to touch, and if you give good stimulation she gets hot - and I mean HOT – once she gets aroused she really gets into it. I go back to squeezing and sucking, and alternate with trips back to her shoulders and neck, and DFK. Then I’m sending a hand South, working her muff through her panties; lightly at first, then more firmly. When the hand goes under them, it finds her completely shaven, except for a little patch at the top. She is also VERY wet. I’m shocked- and pleased. :) In another minute, she’s naked, and I’m doing slow spirals down, down, down…

    “Down Below”, Chelsea is fresh and sweet and squeaky clean. She’s hot and ready for some attention, and I’m happy to give it. Not too many details here, as guys who do this have their own technique, but let me tell you that this is something she’s more than up for. I got into it… and I’ll bet Chel got a li’l something out of it too ;) She’s very responsive, and vocal about what feels good. I didn’t time how long I was there, but soon enough she’s wanting me inside, and who am I to deny her? On went the wrap, some CBJ to firm me up, and then I’m skating on the edge, teasing her; When I take the plunge (mish), it’s a fantastic blur for me-two bodies grazing and grinding and combining…(something about sliding home just really does it for me). At the finish, I was spent, which was unfortunate; Chelsea’s the kind of woman who could probably get two pops out of a guy. I’d sure like to get her to have a couple. This woman totally loves sex!!! :cool:

    Off to the shower for the both of us- a nice, personal touch that I appreciated, then a little transition time back on the couch w/small talk while getting dressed. Then it was time for me to go (we had actually run over a bit) with a little more LFK “for the road”. Great gal. :)

    Chelsea is in Central NJ, off Exit 9 of the Turnpike. Gratuity is $$1/2 for the hour.
    Perks: DFK, CBJ, (BBBJ?), DATY, CFS and a time that I would certainly call GFE.
    Good value and a great experience. Will definitely repeat!!!

    Contact her at (former addy has been discontinued), she’ll send a photo and info.

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