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Discussion in 'Northern New Jersey' started by Ezrlove, Jul 6, 2001.

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  1. wimpy


    Great review!! Damn. I actually felt like I was in the room watching
  2. Ezrlove


    I called one of my favorite ladies last night. Her name is Cindy and she is the lady who runs NJ Jewels. Cindy is a wonderful individual who takes great care of her ladies. Cindy treats all her ladies like family and the ladies all express much love for her.

    Cindy told me that I would enjoy the company of one of her newest Jewels. Her name is Destiny. Since I have used Cindy's establishment many times before, I immediately trusted her opinion and asked for an extension of my one hour session to two hours.

    I arrived at the hotel a few minutes early and watched Destiny get out of the car and walk into the room. It was dark and beginning to rain so I could not get a great look at her. Five minutes later I knocked on the door and was introduced to a very pretty Puerto Rican lady. She has long straight soft brown hair and big chestnut brown eyes and a very beautiful smile.

    Destiny and I spoke for about 15 minutes getting to know each other. She was very easy to speak to. I felt like I was getting re acquainted with an x high school girlfriend. After I got out of the shower I made myself comfortable. Destiny laid next to me and set her head on my chest. Her skin is silky smooth and her hair is very soft. We started kissing like we had missed each other for years, the kisses were long and passionate and our rhythm was perfect.

    Destiny truly enjoyed my French skills. I believe she spilled 5 or 6 cups of coffee. She guides me with a soft but firm touch throughout the lesson. She was very vocal and expressed her enjoyment. I could not help but to clean up every bit of that spilled coffee. The coffee was fresh and tasted great.

    We took a small break before the kissing started again. I truly felt like I had been kissing this woman for years, there was absolutely nothing awkward about our kisses. Destiny and I entertained a few positions and we ended with her straddling me. Her face was buried in my chest and she wbreathing hard and deep on my neck.

    Afterwards I took her out to get a bite to eat because she was starving. I felt proud to open the car door and the restaurant doors for her. I wanted to hold her hand the whole time we were in the car. Destiny was a true GF experience. I totally forgot I was in a two hour session.

    Destiny is a true gem. And her pictures do not do her justice.