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Discussion in 'Cheap Thrills' started by jjred675, Sep 3, 2006.

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  1. jjred675


    I just saw "lexy" aka rashinda or something like that. she is on cl. her number ends in 7565. she is a 20 year old black chick with a great body. about 5'6". nice thick, but tight ass, great c cup titties. tight pussy. trimmed beaver. anyway she lives way the fuck out in brooklyn near flatbush and clarendon. here's something new for you guys...check this out:, ny&trf=0&lon=-73.948567&lat=40.643461&mag=3

    she's right in the neighborhood that this map shows.

    anyway, the damage was 100 for 15. everything is covered but she is a TOTAL FUCKING WHORE. she jumps all over the place and shakes her ass like she used to be a stripper or something. she is all about getting fucked. talks about it before, during and after. says that she got into this because she loves to fuck and her friend turned her on. she told me that her friend "chanel" is a total freak and that i should meet her next time she's working.

    the neighborhood is 100% black and there are homeboys hanging all up and down clarendon. her house was safe and there were actually little kids running all over out front, so i didn't feel like it was that dangerous. she showed me all the rooms to make me feel comfortable.

    i would sum her up as a young hottie black chick who just likes to fuck. she says she started doing this 3 months ago.

    have fun