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Discussion in 'New York' started by thrasherp, Jun 27, 2006.

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  1. thrasherp


    It was $140 for the half. I tried to find her on ***, but I must have missed it. Anyway, she has a review there now! ;)
  2. Jordan

    Jordan banned

    ....and her ad reads


    I just wonder sometimes, don't they realize that the internet is a sudden death information avenue.

    She has a bad review on *** and CL

    No dollars for you
  3. firecracker


    Maybe he meant $140
  4. BigMadM

    BigMadM Linoleum

    you gave the girl 40 bucks for 30 minutes, you really should not have expected much more, for 40 bucks, what kind of service do you think youll get?
  5. boarder


    Shame, another dud on CL.

    I really would like to find a "go-to" girl that I can call anytime.
  6. Strosfan


    Thanks for the heads up.I saw her ad on CL and thought about calling her and now after reading your review i`ll save my $$ for a different provider.
  7. thrasherp


    Since this was on short notice, I took a chance at seeing a provider for whom I could find no reviews. Her pics on CL looked good.

    London was at a very cozy but clean hotel in the East 20's. After the two-calls, she met me at the door in a tiny red club dress with no bra or panties on.

    I must say that London is very hot looking. She is a curvy, toned African American, young looking, with a cute face, great smile, nice hair, average cans, thin waist, nice legs and incredible ass. It is round, firm and just big enough to satisfy those of us who enjoy ample butts. She had the classic landing strip trim on her snatch. She asked how long I wanted to stay, and I replied that I only had enough for the 1/2, which was $.4. She asked if I wanted Greek, which would have been $.6 more, but I just didn't have it. I did have another $.2, which I would have tipped her, had she been worth it. Well, she took off her dress and placed it next to her platform cfm red spike heels. I asked if she'd wear the shoes, but she made some kind of excuse about hurting her ankle. Gents, if there's one thing I've learned is that providers always come up with some health-related reason for keeping their shoes off, keeping your hands off her boobs, or getting to rough when fucking. This was BS and I knew I was in for a shitty session. I was nonetheless polite throughout. I offered to shower, and she said not to bother. Considering how hot a day it was, that was another bad sign - she clearly was not going to be getting too close to my body. She covered up my soft dick and started with a fair HJ. Nothing was happening (I was pretty turned off by this point). She asked what I enjoyed, and I said half & half, which she either chose to ignore or didn't understand (she is pretty young). She eventually started a CBJ, but still nothing. I asked her if I could DATY, and she said that was extra (!), so I asked her to pivot so I could at least see/play with her terrific ass while she did the CBJ. It was a near-perfect ass, and her skin was very smooth. After about 5 minutes of 10% CBJ and 90% CHJ, she got me off. Her pleasant, but non-sexual, small talk afterwards was a signal that the 30 minute session was now over (after about 15 minutes) and went to wash up. Another 5 minutes of small talk and I was gone. Perhaps if you're looking to drop 250-300 on London she might be worth it, but I doubt it. While she is a nice, friendly gal, she doesn't seem to get the concept of value that more successful providers understand so well. Not recommended.