Review of Tasha Addams

Discussion in 'New York' started by big_nyorker, Aug 9, 2001.

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  1. big_nyorker


    Since Tasha told me about this site, I thought it would be fair return to post a review. I must say that I am quite impressed with what I have read through on here today. Well, what I have time to read that is in between minimizing the screen everytime my assistan walks in.
    I usually read TBD every few days, but that about runs the course as far as my experience goes. This seems much more what I was looking for, so kudos to moderator.

    Tasha is definitely my idea of great afternoon break from all that ails me. I've visited with her twice now and know it will not be the last. After she told me she was moving to the city full time next week, I've had to adjust myself to just knowing that she is here everyday, or else I would go broke with my mad money. Her personality is above and beyond anything I've ever expected from a provider. There are many definitions of a GFE, and she fits mine. Personally, I'm not into a kiss up or a girl that acts silly and fake. Tasha definitely doesn't pull punches. Her sense of humor kills me, not to mention those unbelievable breasts of hers! There are no words to describe my complete ecstasy after one of what Tasha calls her "combo package" !! French and Russian at the same time. That should sum it up pretty quick! For those that don't know Tasha, her site is at

    Great board and good luck to all.