REVIEW: Ruby in Orange County

Discussion in 'California' started by Prince, May 12, 2006.

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  1. drakerichards


    Does she have some photos up on a website?

  2. Prince

    Prince Of The Pantywaste Palace

    After getting burned by one of LA’s typically bait n’ switch routines and then the next night getting burned by a chick who while we are in the midst of foreplay declares it’s the time of month for her, I was jaded and leary of all who offer. Came across an ad (CL) for Ruby and it looked almost too good to be true. She made reference to being one of the top ten on Troothsayer (a popular board out there). Checked into this board and sure enough she is well regarded and rated #8 in the Orange County hit parade of providers. Made the call and spoke for a bit and she seemed very nice. Made an appointment for an hour later and told her I would call when I arrived at the hotel.

    Got to the hotel, called and she gave me the room number. Went up and a total hottie answers the door. The photos she had posted didn’t really show more than the rear view of her, but when I got in, I was greeted by a petite Latina, with an incredible enhanced rack, perfect Penthouse Pet figure and a very cute face. She greeted me with a lovely LFK kiss and that developed into DFK right away. I moved her a little bit away from myself so I could admire her body. She really has a terrific figure, right our a magazine look – sweet round ass, flat stomach, nice tan, sizable rack and pretty face. I knew right off this was going to be great. To top it off she was wearing a short-short lacey skirt with thigh high stockings and garter underneath and a tube top above. While we were standing and making out I turned her around and bent her over the bed so I could slowly lift that skirt, bend down behind her, pull that thong to the side and get a little taste. Awesome, like right out of a porn movie.

    She helped me get undressed and I laid down on the bed. She got on her knees on the bed and started a little strip thing for me. I was rock hard before she even touched me. She leaned in for some more DFK and tried to start to go down on me, but I decided to change things up and I flipped her onto her back and told her “you’ll be receiving first!” Laid her down, put a pillow under her waist (to prop it up a bit) and went in for more DFK and then onto that enhanced rack of hers. A little hard and obviously not under the muscle, but still awesome to look at and nice to suck. From here I immediately went south and was greeted by a perfectly shaved, smooth, clean kitty to dine on. Nice large lips down there as well to pull with my mouth. Went at this for quite sometime until she started to convulse a bit. Her moans were getting stronger and stronger, so I think she had hers. Now, my turn. Laid back and she started to kiss me and work her way down, just like I did. She had a wrapper already in hand and expertly applied it and explosively went down for a CBJ. Jesus, this girl can suck and suck with vigor. She varied everything she did and even DT me periodically in the process.

    She then mounted for a vigorous CG ride. While on top I played with her more and she tried different things while there – leaning way back, leaning into me with some DFK and then some rapid pounding. I then flipped her onto her back, put her legs onto my shoulders, and while I was on my knees, held her hips and rocked away in a modified mish. She was playing with her tits all the while and really getting into it. I then flipped her over for some doggie. This girl has the most amazing ass and was able to arch her back to the extreme and feed up that sweet butt just like in the porns. Didn’t take me long pounding away this way before I popped and popped good.

    We both collapsed while I was still in her and we relaxed for a few. She then got a wash cloth, cleaned me up and we said our goodbyes.

    Overall excellent time, very much GFE (except for the lack of a BBBJ). I would see her again in a heartbeat.

    Looks – 8.5/9 (would be a full 9 if it weren’t for the enhancement)
    Performance – 9/10 (she really gets into it.
    Attitude – 9 (a sweetheart of a lady)