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Discussion in 'Northern New Jersey' started by Prince, Jan 26, 2006.

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  1. Prince

    Prince Of The Pantywaste Palace

    You live and learn as they say. In this hobby you try to go with reviews and trust your instincts, but sometimes it just doesn't work out so well. I live with it, move on to the next.

    These girls need to learn what we're looking for and either provide it or find another line of work. And the only way that'll happen is with us posting our reviews and spreading the word. So there!!
  2. Chaz Palmentary

    Chaz Palmentary

    Prince, Thanks for the great review. I guess these whores are like any other "service" business. Some think if they hang a sign business will come and are surprised when they have to close their doors. Others know that being good is not good enough. In order to have repeat customers you have to be great. I never understood by they won't kiss but they have no problem when your shoving your tool in their tool shed.
    Better luck next time.
  3. Prince

    Prince Of The Pantywaste Palace

    Had noticed that PCEscorts had a few new ladies on board and was interested in Sandy. Seemed like she had a great body, was young and could potentially be a good GFE. Or so I thought.

    I guess this should go under the category of taking one for the team. Set things up with my pals from PCEscorts. Great guys, easy to deal with and when they know enough about a lady they share accordingly. In this case, they admitted they didn’t know a lot about Sandy, but from what they did know they said she was fine.

    The reality here is that I should have waited for some more reviews instead of wasting the $$$.

    Got to the location and was told to go right up. I had asked the guys to let her know I had a preference for sexy apparel and a passionate attitude for my session. I told them it would be great if the session were as good as the one I had with Michelle last week. He laughed and said a session that good is probably not going to be the case, but I should have good time.

    When I walked in she was wearing jeans and a shirt, nothing sexy about the apparel. Girl was very cute, 19 years old and seemed to have a nice tight body. She wasn’t as busty as her description portrayed, but she was nice. Tried to give her a hello kiss (to see the degree of reception to LFK or DFK). Two things occurred: she turned her head away and I smelled something worse than an ashtray. We chatted for a bit, decided a half hour would be wiser than an hour, told her so and left my donation on the table. Went to the bathroom to wash up, came out and she was watching TV, still dressed in her jeans, etc. She told me to get comfortable and disrobe. I asked her what happened to the lingerie I requested. She told me she had on some sexy red underwear or she’d get naked. So much for erotic apparel.

    Stripped down and got next to her to play. Again, the smell of a combination of bad food and ashtray breath left me uneasy. I asked her about kissing and she said “eewwww, gross.” I asked why the reaction and she told me that the thought of sharing germs was gross and she wouldn’t even consider it with a boyfriend (some fun she’d be). Her body was really nice, nearly perfect. A pair of perky C’s up top, a flat tummy and a smooth shaved girl below. Delectable little figure and I was ready to dive in. She now informs me that she doesn’t like kissing or playing with her nipples. Playing with the breast in general was ok, but she doesn’t like even a peck or suck on a nip. Didn’t ask, as this was starting to turn me off. Decided to go downtown and have a taste. Clean, sweet and good to eat. Enjoyed a little while down there and heard some little moans from her. She then sat up, without saying anything and I guess that portion was over. I laid back for a little reciprocity and she immediately went for a cover. . . oh well, no BBBJ I guess (and another strike against being a GFE). She went to work on what was now a limp tool. . .too many no’s and turn offs to keep Johnny at attention I guess. She started to work it and less than 2 minutes later stopped and commented about how it’s not hard yet. I told her to keep working and mast will rise, keep stopping to comment and we will not be able to set sail. I’ll give her this though. . . she kept at and finally got him somewhat up. Asked her to get on top and she said she preferred I get on top. Decided to get into an up on my knees (vertical back) position and her lying in front of me so I could see this hot little body move. Only problem here was her holding me from pushing in all the way. A little annoying and after a bit she stopped that. Nice thing about this though was the “fuck me” look she gives. Her eyes have this very sexy erotic way while screwing. Finished off and she told me to get off and go clean myself. Again, an inexperienced thing to say and do. Most providers would at least hand you a wipe or get you a towel or assist in taking off the hat, but not this one.

    While getting ready to leave I asked about the “no BBBJ’ rule and she said she would never do that. I tried to explain to her about how some of the best providers conduct service and she felt her looks should suffice. Little does she know!

    Got up, cleaned off and got ready to go. She asked me to give her a great review and I said OK (what am I going to say. . .no, you were not worth it?. . .felt sorry for her inexperience).

    Positives - nice body, decent CBJ, good F/S.
    Negatives – terrible breath, definitely not GFE, and so-so attitude.

    Me? I wouldn’t repeat