Review: SEXY Slim college cutie.... open 4 whatever

Discussion in 'Craigs list & Backpage' started by yungnlernin, Apr 28, 2006.

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  1. yungnlernin


    Lorenzo, I'm in the east village.

    un4given: The gay test is funny as hell and if I ever own my own business, I'll probably do it also. My boss at a job I had sets it up.

    I was in the building by myself doing some work. No one is around, or they go elseware so the test can be conducted. So I'm just cleaning up and this young WOC maybe a 7 comes back and just starts talking to me. Mean while I'm like "who the fuck are you?" Then she starts to grab me and you either fuck or you don't. If you don't you obviously failed and you are a HOMO and you would get bashed for it every day. Simple test, yet funny.

    Oh, and the Ranger game sucked, jagr is a pussy.
  2. un4given


    I started at a young age as well, welcome:) But what the heck is a gay test??

    Note to the All Powerful Moderator: Yes, this is a question, but I ASSURE you that this is not an ISO post! Gay test just doesnt sound like something I would enjoy...
  3. neilz


    Strike two.
  4. Good Job >> yungnlernin
    Sorry for your woes. What area was it in & what area are you so that I might recommend a better second at bat for you?
  5. yungnlernin


    Well guys took one for the team here. I've been on this board for a while but was under a different handle. I had never posted, but finally felt the need to and had to get a new name for obvious reasons. I'm young at 24 and started seeing providers through a "gay test" at a job I used to have when I was 19. It just seems economically efficient for me with a busy schedule. I do respect and appreciate all the effort put in by the other members. Enough of my shit.

    I can't seem to find her post when I search for it. Goes by the name Gem, number is 7189306180, in her post the last four are 6I8O, "o" instead of zero.
    She says italian, 5'4, pics show her to be skinny. Offers a lot: bbbj, strip, dance, facials, whatever it doesn't matter. Set up an appointment with driver, I said 10, he wanted 9, I figured she'd be here at 10 anyway. Agreed to 9, she got here 9:45. I'm learning from you geezers.

    This is my first, and it's a bad review, so I'm not gonna even get into details.

    She arrived, buzzed her in, looked normal, skinny, healthy skin. Then we talked for a while. I'm not gonna even get into it, I would rather save my effort for a good provider. Went to the bed room I don't even know if I could consider her actions to be mechanical. Even machines have to put in a fixed amount of energy and/or effort. No bbbj. No enthusiasm, effort or anything else you might come to expect from a decent experience. Totally turned off by this bitch. CBJ, felt like the first bj I got when I was 14. Fucked her for like 2 mins, she was mumbling some shit. Damage 175 beans for the hour. Oh and the skin on my hands is softer than hers, so I just should have jerked off.

    Just a bad experience I thought that I should share with everyone. I need to have a drink now so I don't kill myself. I'll post more in the future, and hope oneday to be considered a fellow hobbiest. Going to the Ranger game tomorrow, maybe they'll put up a fight.