REVIEW: Sophia @ I Street

Discussion in 'DC & Baltimore / Maryland / Virginia / Delaware' started by Prince, Jun 29, 2006.

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  1. Prince

    Prince Of The Pantywaste Palace

    Heard a lot about this AMP and decided to give it a try. Four flights of stairs up and Mamasan greets me. She tells me I’ll have to wait a bit since all rooms are busy. As I was standing there, I caught a glimpse of Sophia. Total knock-out, with an awesome figure. Waited a half hour until there was a free room and began.

    Standard TS with some playing around on both our parts. She also had excellent English skills and turns out she studied for many years in Korea (English). Funny, when she went to wash Big Jim and the Twins, she asked if it was OK to touch. Back in the room and as usual she tells me to lay down and rest, she’ll be back. Before she left I indicated the tip money I had for her, and she told me to wait until the session was over and tip accordingly. OK.

    She came back into the room and I didn’t wait. I pulled her towards me and began to kiss her chest and neck while at the same time massaging her ass and lower back. Moans and groans ensued and I continued. Before long I was behind her doing more of the same. I undid her top to reveal a sweet pair of enhanced tits. Gently massaged them and then I bent her over the table, lifted one leg onto the table and then bent down to kiss her ass, massage her pussy and finally get in there and start licking her. She loved it. Laid her on her back now and began above, worked my way down and just devoured her pussy. After around 5 minutes of this, I stopped to see if she liked and without words, licked her lips and took my head and put it back into position for more. Another ten minutes of licking, fingering and sucking and I brought her to a climax.

    My turn. She was kissing me all over and then began some rimming, sucking of the twins and licking up and down the shaft without a jacket. She then slipped on a cover and went at it. She was sucking very good, varying the speed and intensity of her sucking for what was an excellent CBJ. She then mounted me CG and did a few variations on that. I really wanted to explode, so I flipped her over for some doggie. She slipped me in slowly and I picked up the pace and blew within a couple of dozen strokes. As I laid down, she cuddled up and thanked me and began some LFK that led to DFK.

    Really great girl, worth the wait.

    Looks – 8.5 Attitude – 9.5 Performance – 9