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Discussion in 'New York' started by RuffToy, Jan 4, 2006.

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  1. yuri

    yuri She asked for it

    who is the only guy she saw on January 4 th. who took her computer(because she doesn't have money) and threaten with a gun (fake though )for $400 /week protection(pimping)fee???
  2. buzz99


    Good luck with that. Great idea though.
  3. lepke


    I will walk out now...I can't bust one off anymore if the chick is a fatty.....
  4. BigMadM

    BigMadM Linoleum

    I think its only fair that when a woman puts a weight in an ad, one should be able to deduct one dollar for each excess pound she lied about.

    When I see certain providers post they prefer men in great shape, I never ***** them and lie, afterall, theyre going to see me naked.
  5. Monk


    Yeah, and she says she's 140lbs, which using the usual weight deflation ad meter is probably more like 160lbs, which should give you a more realistic idea of what to expect.
  6. RuffToy


    Gave her just what she requested in her ad.
  7. Mule69


    Was the damage as advertised in the Eros link?
  8. dr_skins


    Nice post. Just to give a little credit to Sophia--she does post her measurments which sound accurate compared to your description (5'8", 36-30-44), although the pics obviously are not consistent with either her measurements or your description.
  9. ecpaul


    Good review, provider was upfront about a little extra weight, and price and link were provided.
  10. MetroJay1


    nice review.
  11. RuffToy


    Made a few phone calls yesterday trying to hook up with Izumi, Yvonne, or Tina but struck out... Noticed Sophia's ad on Eros so gave her a call.

    I did my due dilligence & scoped her out on *** and the reviews indicated she is a bit wider than her pictures look. (Aren't they all?...What ever happened to truth in advertising?) She picked up, sounded sane & was able to see me quickly. I'm an instant gratification kind of guy. Shot over to her midtown apt., very cute digs, works alone. Typical 2 call, asked me to call from a mid block location so she can see me on the street. No problem, I respect her discretion and safety concerns. She let me in, wearing a sexy short negligee. Like the reviews said, she was a bit bulkier, however not bad. Face is a 5-6, body is a 6-7, attitude is a 9. Chatted briefly and we got down to business. Lots of rubbing and groping while we stood in front her full length mirror...quite hot. Roaming all over, she was very aggressive. She's the pilot, I'm the co-pilot. She's got a nice set of t***, great tight large ass, long blonde hair. We hit the bed, lot's of stroking and rubbing, she was extremely wet and moaning. Her hand work got me ready for a nice CBJ which she was anxious to do. Didn't last long tho because she whipped around to doggy and offered herself up. Me being the gentleman I am obliged! Seems to be her favorite postion and I drilled her until she climaxed and took my time until I let go. We curled up together for a while until round 2. While we were laying together she started playing with herself, which turned me on again. Out came her favorite toy...Apparently the lady likes her other region entertained. I'm not a greek lover but believe she'd be up for it....She played with both of us until I was ready then moved over me into CG. Rode the pony for a few until I finished my second cup. Lasted exactly 1 hr, my how time flies when you're having fun!
    She is well worth the ride, but watch your expectations when you see her pictures...notice she doesn't show her face. I suspect the pictures are a number of years old.