Review: Sports Massage in Ramsey

Discussion in 'NJ/NY/CT Massage / Spa' started by teeduke, Jan 22, 2003.

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  1. tekwrek


    Went yesterday

    Saw my favorite again.
    During my time there I was listening to another gentleman who apparently was a mortgage broker trying to get his young lady to come to him for a mortgage.
    Seems to be getting more popular, Saturdays used to be slow but heard a couple of regulars come in. The mamasan has a pretty good memory if you have been there before. Unless they keep notes, my fave knew exactly how long it had been since I was there (not hard, it was only 3 weeks earlier).
  2. Bacchus


    I was planning on going tomorrow depending on the snow!!
    If I go I will try to contribute any info!!!
  3. storange


    no king treatment

    although there is nothing more than a hr at this place, i'm a big fan. the last time i was there was about 1 month ago and it was $.50 for 1 hour and i tipped $.30. the only negatives about this place is that the locker room is open, the walls don't reach the ceilings (so it's a bit loud sometimes) and there is a window pane on the door. it wierded me out when i first went there, but the massage was great and the hr was equally good. has anyone been there over the past couple of weeks?
  4. biggod

    biggod The Rifleman


    I guess their no king treatment at this place??
  5. tekwrek


    Sports Massage

    When they had the Grand Opening special, that was the best bargain around.
    If you like hard massages, this is the place to go. ****y is my favorite attendant but Candy is good as well. The mamasan is very friendly.
    All in all, you get treated very well there.
    The only concern is that it is a bit conspicuous, but they keep it low key and is a strict R&T place.
  6. dieforasian

    dieforasian almost


    Thanks dude! Thanks for the review info as well.
  7. SpaMonger


    The AMP is located right on Rt 17 South in Ramsey in small strip mall. It is next to a Chinese buffet.

    I went there when they had there $30.00 opening special about 2 months ago. Had a older Korean gal with tons on make-up on. In fact, she had so much make-up on I could smell it!
    Received standard scrub, rub & tug Korean spa treatment. Didn't like the locker room as there were (3) other guys there at same time as me.

    Haven't been back as the crew of Korean gals seemed older. Nevertheless, if you want a nice massage in a clean facility, this place is okay.
  8. dieforasian

    dieforasian almost


    Care to share the street name. Not familiar with NJ being a NY'rker and all.
  9. Zoltan


    Excellent review teeduke. After a month of self imposed exile from the hobby I'm looking to get back into it and visit some new places. This sounds like the perfect place to start. Thanks for the info.
  10. teeduke


    Noticed it the other day and thought I'd give it a try. Located in the little strip mall just south of Ramsey Outdoor. Called about 8:30 pm, greeted by a pleasant asian voice. Open 10 am to 11 pm. "Sure, come on over."

    You can't miss it, next to the buffet joint, in BIG letters: SPORTS MASSAGE. Hmmmmmmmm. Who are they kidding? Pretty public. Glass storefront, masked for privacy. Inside, clean, modern, very nicely done, with light colors, first class furnishings and an airy open feeling. Also plenty of those blue lights that asians especially seem to be so enamored of lately.

    Oh, and there's a Michael Jordan jersey or something up front near the receptionist's station.

    Directed by a young woman in black pants suit to a locker room and given a key. It's next to the table shower room. Beyond that is a sauna. Not exactly private, but the place wasn't packed with people either. I saw one guy being led out of the table shower room and smiled. Should have said something like "UG Forever" but forgot to. His masseuse was about a 7, with a nice smile, black outfit. An upbeat place.

    I was greeted by my masseuse as I undressed. She snuck up on me and put her hand on my butt. My kind of introduction. She was a 5-6. Korean, about late 20s-early 30s. Nice smile. Easy-going. During the table shower she asked permission to soap my member. Permission granted! She really knew how to use that soap.

    Moved across the hallway into an adjacent room. Heated massage table was terrific. Then began a really terrific massage. Not hard, medium. And lovingly administered, over every part of my body. I love a good massage and this had to be one of the best. No back-walking, (and no bar overhead) but defintely professional. She went to massage school in Korea and in the US.

    After the massage, plenty of teasing, and then plenty of action. Strictly a HR,
    but done in a very sensual and playful way that I liked. Much roaming and even light kissing. She did not disrobe. But she was open to exploration.
    After my release, she continued her massage, quite expertly, with still more mutual exploration and touching.

    The rooms are ample, but the walls are open at the top, The rooms also have opaque glass panes, one of which is clear, so people passing by could see inside, i suppose.

    The acoustics aren't perfect. You can hear the voices of attendants and their customers as they walk down the hallway. I could hear the receptionist as well. But they play Korean music in the background. It seemed a little loud, but i think it's designed to help mask the kind of noises we were making.

    And get this. My session must have lasted 90 minutes, maybe more, but not once did anyone ask me for money! I finally had to ask her about a house fee ($50). I made sure to give her a generous tip. Which she greatly appreciated.

    Nice goodbyes on the way out, too, from the receptionist and that other attendant.

    All in all a very nice AMP experience in a nice facility, with a totally incongruous
    name plastered out front.

    Worth a try in my book.