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review-Sunrise Hwy- W. Babylon

Discussion in 'Long Island' started by teps, Apr 7, 2009.

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  1. GMackin


    Why the hell would you care about tubular pasta? I mean really... Wait, tubular pasta is kinda SMALL, right? FUCK that's weird...
  2. thunderball


    500 Sunrise Highway in West Babylon is now the, "Peoples' Pasta & Ravioli Company." I wonder if they also sell tubular pasta.
  3. U_N_I_2nite


    Hello…  I had a great time. 3 position 1-cbj & lick the sack.
    I pulled up in the little parking lot. That only fit 3 cars… ( I called like 1 hour before 1st) I ring the door bell a woman (in good shape/ not that pretty but ok) answer I told her I want a good massage, she said pay 40 for hh, ok I did … she kinda push me to the room in the back, and walk out. I got naked and sat on the table, leg open with a woody. She came in and said “laid down” she was giving a good massage, even on my feet. I flip over with out her asking. She got the oil and began to jerk me. She said “What you want?” I said “EVERTHING” she ask how much I told he 60… in total is 100. she laugh and pop a rubber in her mouth. She put it on me without no hands…”WOW”. She lick the sack about 6 times then started to blow for a good 5 min nice and slow. She came on top and her goes the Chinese cowgirl, lol. She riding me like she love it. she was getting tried… she stop and said to go on top. I was pounding it out  for a 5mins. I told her I want doggie…. Punishing her with every pump I did…lol I pop after 5mins and started to get dress .. she Was still laying there…lol. She got up and was spray alcohol on my private area to clean it up. As I was walkin out of the room she slap my ass and said “I like ”… I walk out and left a happy man.
  4. Mr. Joyboy

    Mr. Joyboy


    I finally broke my string of lousy Long Island AMP sessions. It was late - around 11PM - and I needed a little relief. On a whim, I called 958 and to my surprise, someone answered. I said I'd like a session tonight and she said how about tomorrow. I told her not tomorrow and she said OK to come over. I told her I'd be there in 40 minutes and heard a chorus in the background saying "No, too late!" but she reluctantly said to come along.

    It's easy to find on the south service road of Sunrise Hwy and, as noted on this thread, it's right next to a previously busted AMP location that shared a building with a limo business. Gina answered the door. The hall lights were out and the session room to the right of the front door was dimly lit, so it was difficult to get a good look at her. From what I could make out she didn't look too bad and had a face that, in that light, reminded me a little of Lucy Liu. She claimed to be Korean-Japanese. Her body looked OK in a short black dress and I would guess that she's in her late 30's or early 40's. She playfully frisked me as she walked me into the room and I opted for the half, given the late hour. She told me to undress and lay down. The room was very small and fronts up to Sunrise Hwy, so the traffic noise is very apparent. The sliding door shuts fully closed but it has a bolt on it that, oddly enough, can't possibly lock. The bathroom has a shower that I didn't use so I don't know if it's available to clients.

    Gina came in with a bunch of paper towels and got right down to a light touch of her nipples against my back and butt. It felt quite lovely and I soon experienced her doing some very nice rimming and a little tongue bath of the sack along with some hand action from underneath. This went on for several blissful minutes and then came the flip. There was no pretense of a massage. She still had her dress on with the top pulled down exposing her lovely B's and began a CBJ (condom applied by mouth) from between my legs. Her oral skills were quite good. After a bit of this I had her position herself to 69 and feasted on her ass and muff. The latter smelled fresh and clean but was pre-lubed with that sweet water-based goo so I didn't delve too deep. It was, however, a heavenly presentation and she began cooing as I rubbed at her holes. I was hoping to let things last long enough to partake in several positions, but her vigorous BJ was so good, I just went with the flow and shot a big load in her mouth. She milked me very nicely and then cleaned me up with an alcohol wash. She complained that I didn't do her and insisted that I come back tomorrow night make things right (LOL). No fees were discussed during the session. The half hour was $40 and I tipped her $60.

    The whole session lasted maybe 20 minutes or so, but I didn't feel rushed and concede that I expected no better considering she did me a favor by taking me well past their normal business hours. Gina was friendly and accommodating the whole time. I'll be back at a more reasonable hour, though she did say that they do take late appointments with established customers (which I guess is me now). I asked if she had worked elsewhere on Long Island and mentioned Hicksville. She volunteered that one of the girls, Suji, worked at West Marie - consistent with reports from others here. As Genius said, this place is not much more than an Asian bordello. If only there were more like them.
  5. Al Shrepton

    Al Shrepton

    Keep in threads? Specify address and/or phone?

    This thread started off referring to
    958 Sunrise Highway
    West Babylon

    Now its a bit muddled. Over the years, many AMPs/others have come and gone on Sunrise Highway, including several in West Babylon. Can future posts specify the address and/or phone?

    West Babylon, 354 Sunrise Hwy

    West Babylon, 500 Sunrise Hwy

    West Babylon, 750 Sunrise Hwy (Apple Pie)

    West Babylon, 760 Sunrise Hwy (Zodiac)

    West Babylon, 947 Sunrise Hwy

    West Babylon, 958 Sunrise Hwy
  6. Notsosmart


    TOFTT 500 Sunrise Hwy-just past Babylon AMF Bowl. Its in a little shit shack with a small neon light that said "open" so i stopped by. 2 very young (by L.I. amp standards) Korean girls-looked to be about college age, wearing sneakers and spandex-one had a great ass. My hopes were high. I got "Vivian" who lead me to a dirty room with yellowed sheets. My room also had a small love seat in it. I told her soft and she commenced with a very lame massage never coming close to the boys. On the flip she placed a towel over my nether regions and continued with a very indifferent massage. When I pointed to little Notsosmart she said "No do that here". I have learned that sometimes persistence will pay off and gently tried to place her hand on my baloney pony which she refused. By this time i was pretty worked up so I whipped up a batch during which time she continued to give me the massage. She then brought me a towel to clean myself off with. Afterwards she continued with the massage but I told her I had to go. I tipped her $10 so maybe she could buy new sheets. Too bad because both girls there were very young and pretty and gave me the impression that they were in college. One was reading a textbook at the desk and I spied a knapsack on a chair. Extras are not to be had here. I know I am new to the board but I have many years of experience in this hobby. I was in this same place 3 or 4 years ago and the same thing happened with a different girl. How does this place stay in business? Anyway, fellow mongers stay away-no happy ending and the massage sucked the big one (so to speak). May your massages end better than mine did!!!
  7. sunshyn8


    sometimes best to let the image of fantasty last without forfilling the deed..but one more thing crossed off your list
  8. paperpusher

    paperpusher banned

    Man is this place a schlep. Thanks Genius for posting the review. Sugee was one of my great regrets never being able to do FS and now one more thing crossed off my list. I always wanted to have sex with a Japanese woman. Something that seems harder to find on LI, than you would think.

    Genius hit the nail on the head when he descibed Sugee has a Japanese MILF. She has aged somewhat since the two years that I last saw her. She does look 38. She seems to gravitate to all Japanese AMPs, something of a rarity on LI. The one in Hicksville also was all Japanese as well.

    Her roomate might be low forties and not attractive and much thinner and taller. She was friendly but highly suspicious of LE. Sugee recognized me right away but could not figure out where from. She thought I visited her in NJ, where she lives. She lives in north NJ and she is insane running out to West Babylon. She might as well work in an AMP in Albany. Me thinks she will not be there long. I got her cell just in case.

    She wore the some cheesy dress that could only be called the prom dress from hell. Looked like she bought it in Kmart. It looked to cheap and dressy for an AMP. We start off talking and telling her all these very detailed conversations (and I me detailed) from our previous encounters. She had no recollections that we ever had these conversations, yet I know alot of her personal life, family and history. I thought this was started to spook her, but she started holding my hand and got intensely curious.

    I did not want to run out of time, not sure if I was on the clock. She starts by sticking her bottom in my face and wanted to do HE quick. Well that was new. I told her I wanted a BBJ which she did for about 5 minutes. It was not as good as I remembered. She did some ball sucking first. Than tried to go back to the HE. I told her I wanted to do FS. She started with, it was going to cost $100. I didnt care at this point. This was in the range that I pay and was hoping if I did not argue it last longer.

    Bad news is that in the intervening time, she pretty much learned the KMP script. With the exception of a BBJ (that lasted just five minutes), everything else was the same. Five minute CG, RCG, and than into missionary. Fifteen minutes later, the fake groans and the "when will you be done". Really not the fantasy experience I had in mind.

    Her vagina has like a tight ring that felt great. Not the whole box was tight, just this ring at the entrance. She has great breasts that she lets you do with what you want with. She does not enjoy sex at all. It is not physical. Her exhusband did a number on her mentally and she is convinced she cannot enjoy it. So dont bother trying to get her off. We finished with her vag in my face and her finishing with a HE.

    Once done and cleanup was finished, she changed personalities and was very friendly again holding hands (felt silly) and talking about the past. She escaped the marie street arrests because she only works Friday-Sunday (even now and call because she is unpredictable) and never looked back.

    I am not sure I will go back. Very far for me and this script is available for me at closer locations. I do know that Sugee will try to work as little as possible and will only work long enought to pay her minimal expenses. So call ahead.
  9. paperpusher

    paperpusher banned

    Called for an appointment. Sugee not working until after 5:00. I remember she was unpredictable with her hours, but at least this place was honest and told me she was not there. The screener was very concerned that I was LE. Kept asking how I knew about the place. I told her where SuGees home town was (some place not obvious that only a former client with good relationship could know) and the screener was stunned. The questions immediately stopped and did her best to encourage me to come.

    I cant understand the street name she said. I had her repeat three times.
  10. genius


    Never got to that point as the other activities offered were so good.

    I started the thread on Marie St ( as I started many, many others).

    For your handy reference.


    Hicksville is obviously a training ground for many a fine lady.
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  11. RuffToy


    I remember her well. A very cooperative young lady.
  12. paperpusher

    paperpusher banned

    Did she do BBJ with you? When she first started, she gave an incredible BBJ (for ten minutes) but quickly dropped that from her menu.

    You cant remember a girl's name but you can remember her birthmarks? LOL
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  13. genius


    You are absolutely right. And I think this was the same gilr I saw as she had these brown birth marks on her belly.

    At Marie st though she would not do FS even though I got her totally naked.
  14. paperpusher

    paperpusher banned

    Wasnt there a Sugee in Hicksville in an another Japanese at Marie Street? The one with those infamouse black and white horizontal stripe shirst that she said she had two of.
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  15. genius


    Place is 958 (I think) on south service rd, sunrise hwy. white house, no signs. Get off on exit 39 or 40 going E.
    This place is simply an out and out Asian bordello. Suji (Sue- Gee)is a MILF, nice body, tits and ass - not you usual flat assed asian. Very smooth skin and not a clock watcher. Take the half for 40 as she will give you all the time you need.

    When she came into the room I gave her a hug and felt she was not wearing panties. I started to take off her top and she took everything off w/o asking.

    Everything was on the table except BBFS and she has condoms if you dont bring one. Don't know about greek though.


    One word of caution, I think she lubes up her snatch prior to coming into the room with baby oil. This indeed makes sliding into her tight snatch easy but baby oil and latex condoms do not mix well and can break. I suggest you have a non-latex condom.

    They want to know who sent you. I said my friend "John", he was her two weeks ago, brown hair about this tall (raised my hand to5'9". "OH, yes John" she said. I guess there must be someone named John that fits that description.

    Tipped 50.

    This place has been around for a while - I guess LE hasnt gotten any complaints.

    Nice place if your goal is to get laid w/o any hassle.

    Tipped 50.

    she says she is only there Sat, SUndays.
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  16. Al Shrepton

    Al Shrepton

    631-880-8807 at 958

    This place was a big disappointment to me, although they did agree to $50 /hr to start.
  17. teps


  18. richman10


    any phone#?

    any phone# for them?
  19. jackmeyoffer2005


    This place will not last long.

    1st strike- advertising on CL

    2nd strike- it is in a well known AMP location or right adjencent to one. Also a stone's throw from SCPD 1st precient and Babylon Town hall

    3rd strike- from the review it looks like there is not even an attempt screen customers. It seems like LE has a hard on for these places that offer FS so easily (531/532 OCR, 517E. Jericho, Other AMP on Sunrise in W. Bablyon, Merrick Rd Massapequa)
  20. teps


    They are no where close to the picture in the CL ad. I would say they are in their late 30's and their looks are probably a 6 but their service is very good although it is rushed. Do not take the full hour because they will have you out in under a half hour.