REVIEW: Suyee @ Downtown

Discussion in 'DC & Baltimore / Maryland / Virginia / Delaware' started by Prince, Jun 29, 2006.

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  1. Prince

    Prince Of The Pantywaste Palace

    I used to go to Downtown exclusively. They always had a great selection to choose from and all were good to great performers. Mamasan also would always provide me with a line-up to pick from. I had heard through the boards that Downtown was not as great as the past and was into rushing sessions with mediocre performances. I decided to check it out.

    Got to Downtown, went up (stairwell now smells of Lysol vs. piss). Got in and Mamasan shuffles me off into a room. She introduces me to Suyee – cute girl, somewhat tall, 34B/C 22 34. Nice body. Before I accepted Suyee, I asked Mamasan for a look at the other girls available. The others were nothing special, so I went with Suyee. Not sure, but I think Suyee didn’t like me wanting to see others when she was introduced to me first – oh well.

    Standard TS, but a bit rushed. No playfulness, just scrub, rinse, and done. Got into the room and I tried to be playful with her and got behind her to feel her up and down. No emotion at al – just accepted my gropes. Tried bending her over for some from the rear dining, but she said she was ticklish. Laid her down, played with her enhanced chest, went below for some dining. She pretty much laid there, let me do whatever - but with no emotion, no acting, nothing. Her turn, she got out a cover and started to give me a CBJ, nothing special. She got on top, rode fairly well, flipped her over for some doggie and decided this was going nowhere, so I popped, she cleaned me up and we were done.

    Nothing special at all. Cute girl, but no personality, no excitement. The reviews I had read indicating being rushed in and out with lack luster performance were correct.

    Looks – 7.5 Attitude – 6 Performance – 6