REview: Tiffany Latina on CL

Discussion in 'New York' started by benisbig, Aug 25, 2006.

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  1. JohnnyDoe


    The best way to screen these calls is to look them up on the yellowpages:

    If you'll notice, this number is registered to "Focal Communications" or Vonage or it's a land line. The most legit providers on CL use their cell phones and the site tells you if it's a cell or not.

    Next step is to look up that number on Craig's, use the last four digits like you used and you come up with this:

    Go through the various ads and if the pictures change from one ad to the other and the phone is the same, it's usually a bait and switch operation.

    Just beware, you can cut out the junk by choosing the above methods and the more legit providers will stand out better.

  2. benisbig


    Called a service I see advertised on CL fairly often. The pic looked nice and non-professional. The number ends in 0690. I asked for the latina who has a tat on her arm so they sent me a white girl, go figure. She's olive skined and says she's part PR and WOP with some Egytian thrown in. If she's got any Latina blood in her it's hidden very well. Nice hips and ok ass but has this weird goth dark eye makeup and her upper lip is pierced. She's got a very pretty face and oddly enough looks like it belongs on a thinner woman. She was also very pleasent and on time. Unfortunately she's thicker than the pics so typical bait n switch operation. Also made sure I saw when she turned off her phone before the session started. The other nice thing is she took time to freshen up before and after the session and she gave me a little show in the shower. This ad isn't her but it's the ad I called;

    Not GFE but I got her for 100 for the half. She gave me a half hearted BBBJ so I told her to give me a good CBJ which she did. Lots of moaning while and very wet CBJ. I rolled her over and put her legs on my shoulders for some good pounding. I liked her style with the moaning and how she kept telling me to fuck her and spank her. No complaints as I bit pretty hard on her nipples and just squeezed her big soft tits until they oozed between my fingers. I told her to switch to doggie and she quickly jumped up and put her face down and ass up telling me how she liked this position. Her pussy was really wet and smelled nice. She liked being pounded hard and getting her hair pulled back as she groaned. After riding her kind of rough like that while she played with her clit, I busted and collapsed on her. We layed there a bit with me on top of her back and just chatted, she kept my hands on her big tits and I kept squeezing them. She told me shes a stripper somewhere in Poughkipsee but did this while the club was being renovated. I told her I'd go up and see her and she told me take-out was available if I went.

    All in all it started out kind of disappointing but turned out ok. Be warned though this is a bait and switch operation and I happened to luck out.