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Discussion in 'NJ/NY/CT Massage / Spa' started by rhtinnj, Jan 25, 2006.

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  1. Mr. Joyboy

    Mr. Joyboy

    T&F, you're right on the money. When I find a provider that appeals to me, I always ask if they like to be massaged. Surprisingly, quite a few have agreed. After giving her a few minutes of a relaxing shoulder and back rub, I'll move lower and start kneading the butt cheeks, slowly separating them. If I've done my job right, I'll hear that sweet sound of her wet lips parting and get a look at the glistening pink accompanied by a little moaning from my attendant. From there, almost anything can happen.
  2. touchandfeel


    Nice review. My very first FS at a MP was quite similar and I have had that hapen about 7-8 times over the years. Where she first says no but gets into it later. That is one reason I ask to give them a massage. If you touch the right places they cannot resist. I love it.
  3. rhtinnj


    Since I like to see what happens on a second visit to a place that shows some promise, I decided to go back and see what happened. While overall I would not recommend this place, it did give me an interresting experience which is why I like to try different places once in a while even if, as in this case, it turns out to be a bit more expensive than I had hoped.

    On to the story. I booked an appointment the other day and showed up at the appropriate time. The same receptionist was there, but she did not seem to remember me. Since I had filled out the card the last time, it was very easy to establish that I was a returning customer. Once we had that fact straight, she led me to the same room we had before. I undressed and waited for the girl to enter the room.

    I probably should have asked for Isabella, but part of the fun is going in and being surprised, so I ended up with a girl who was definitely older (I would guess 40+) and not as cute although she had a very large chest. She started what I would call a basic rubdown (not a massage) and never really wandered much beyond the back and leg area. On the flip, she did the same thing for a while and then asked if I wanted her to finish me with her hand.

    Hoping for full service, I asked her for more. She said, "No Way". She claimed she only did a HJ, nothing more. We went back and forth for a while since I wanted to push her without being obnoxious. Finally, I said OK, but I wanted her top off which she took off willingly. She oiled me up and then started stroking the right places, but never really quite got down to business. I am not sure if she thought I would go off with just basic stroking or what, but she did not work very hard to get me off. It was very nice, but was moving along slowly. After a while, I started working on her very ample chest area (which didn't seem artificially enhanced although they were pretty big to be natural). I really enjoyed this and stroked both breasts over a period of time. As we went along I noticed that she seemed to be reacting to what I was doing and frankly, I wasn't sure if she really liked it or if she was overly sensative, didn't like it, but didn't want to tell me to stop since I was paying her. I started using my mouth gently on her nipple and she again reacted to what I was doing so I figured, what the heck and told her we still could F*ck if she wanted to. About five minutes later after more of my oral attention to her breast, she asked me if I had a condom, which of course I did. She signaled 200 dollars which was expensive, but at that point I was going along for the ride regardless of what the cost was going to be.

    I got up, got the condom, and had her put it on. She then gave me a nice CBJ for a couple of minutes and then tried to figure out the best position to have sex in. She first tried to do it with us both standing and me entering from behind, but she was too much shorter than I was and that didn't work so she pulled the sheets off the table and we went at it on the floor where she again really seemed to be into it. She was clearly worried that we would be too noisy as she signaled for me to be quiet which I accomodated as best I could.

    Eventually I finished up and we both cleaned up. I got dressed, paid her and left. All in all, another interesting experience for the archives. I had fun, but it was expensive and based on her actions, I am thinking FS is not really on the menu although I would guess that if I saw her again, we would manage to do it again.

    Full damage $260 including tip.
  4. studman


    That Too

    Depends who rubs it!!
  5. flabbergasted


    That too if you tip enough...
  6. smokedmeat


    Damn! I was hoping for Rubbing My Penis....
  7. snooozi3


    Touch of Paris

    Touch of Paris is an RMP, which translated means Robbing My Pockets or Ripping My Pockets. As Prince and Daddycool said, be careful you are being setup. Ruskies are expensive compared to other MP's!
  8. Prince

    Prince Of The Pantywaste Palace

    Daddycool is right, sounds like your being prepped for the real charges. Very much like some of the other LMP and RMP places in NNJ. At HE and GG (both LMP) the house fee is $60 and then a f/s expereince is $200 extra. The RMPs are the exact same and sometimes they even try for a little more afterwards by asking for a tip to top it off.
  9. Daddycool


    Be careful it sounds like she is setting you up next time for a 200 hundred dollar tip. 100 for her to take her close off ( which you already established with her and then another 100 for FS). 260 would be a lot to pay for an AMP type of session.
  10. rhtinnj


    In perusing one of the online resources that I use to find massage places, I came upon one that I didn't recognize called Touch of Paris which was located in North Bergen. Deciding that I needed to get out and try a new location again, I called them up and scheduled an appointment. Upon arrival, I talked with the girl at the desk, signed myself up (put your name on a card and pick a number) and was led to a room. The room looked like it was an old dentist's office or something because they had equipment pushed out of the way and a massage table stuck in the middle. After I undressed, the receptionist came back and said that the girl (one) was delayed and she (the receptionist) would start my massage while I was waiting. Kind of an interesting take on keeping the customer happy. She wasn't horrible and she was just going to start the massage so I said "fine, go ahead". I got on the table and she started a pretty nice rubdown which ended about 10 minutes later when Isabella became available.

    Isabella walked into the room. Blonde, medium height, Natural C cups, tight jeans, cropped top, and very sexy attitude. She continued the massage, but it took a real nice direction. She wanted me to touch her, she was leaning over, massaging all the right places, etc. After about 10 - 15 minutes of this, she had me turn over and pantomimed that it would be $100 dollars for her to take off her clothes, which I agreed to. I had full roaming privileges. In fact, she basically pushed my head down for some DATY which I did for several minutes. After that she had me back on my back and she finished me off with a very active hand job. Both during and after she said FS would be available on visit number 2 which I think will be true, but I haven't gone back yet so I can't say if it will actually happen.

    All in all a very pleasent time. Isabella was russian as was the receptionist and I am guessing the other girls will be as well. Final count - 60 house, 100 tip.