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Discussion in 'New York' started by Jimmy69, Feb 18, 2003.

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  1. neilz


    BigMadM said, "Why should I pay a provider to please her if she wont reciprocate?"
    I feel the same way. We are paying for a service. What she would do or not do should be spelled out before you pay her.
    I would be very disappointed if it happened to me.
  2. BigMadM

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    Please do not take this in a negative way. To each his own I say. But this girl would never be for me. You paid her 2 bucks to eat her pussy and she wouldnt kiss you, or blow you without condom, but its ok for you to stick your tongue up her pussy.
    Shes smart, but she wont get my money. Why should I pay a provider to please her if she wont reciprocate?



  4. aceofclubs26



    Glad you dug up my previous review! I like this provider a lot. I only had the chance to see her once since her return from the holidays and I think her body is flawless. Daniella is a sweetheart. She does appear to have a mad look on her face but she really warms up if she knows you. I might give her a try in the near future. Daniella came back with this nice tan and was pretty tempting.
  5. Jimmy69

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  6. Bill Furniture

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    Great review, you should post the pic with her boobs showing.:)
  7. Daniel_NYC


    Excellent review Jimmy, Thanks!
  8. Jimmy69

    Jimmy69 My IQ is room temperature

    In my quest to keep the brotherhood informed, I've tried another one for the team.

    Last week, I visited with Valentina

    Called up around 3 for a 5pm appointment. I was informed that I would need a work # and two forms of ID when I got there. I refused to give my work number citing privacy concerns but I did inform the lady on the phone that I would show my work ID and my drivers license when I got there. She agreed.

    I get there on time, phone and they give me the final location. It's a nice small apartment on the upper east side. I walk in and two girls are there. One heavy and not very attractive (not that the weight was a problem, she just had a mean look on her face). And the other was indeed Valentina, exactly the same girl on the ad. They asked for my Id's and I complied.

    I was instructed to remove all my clothes and I complied. Now, the bedroom is next to the living room and they have a paper partition between the rooms. The other girl stayed in the living room while Valentina and I stripped in the bed room.

    After I was butt naked, Valentina then took off her skirt and top and was standing with nothing more than a thong. SHE IS FUCKIN' HOT! Smooth tan skin, really pretty face, super curves and an ass that just don't stop. The visual was all I wanted and then some. My only drawback was the fake boobs. They looked and felt stiff. I was imagining what she would look like smaller breasted. It's just my preference, but I don't care if they are big or small as long as they are natural.

    The service, however, wasn't all that. The damage was $$ and I think for this, the service fits the bill. Although you can get more at a place like Julies for that price, if you're into the visual aspects, like I am, than Valentina is your girl. If you want a GFE or PSE, look elsewere.

    First things first, rules of engagement. Her main rule was that there was to be NO kissing. No LFK or DFK, nada. Second rule, everything is covered, no exceptions. I did try to get a BBBJ from her but she flatly refused and told me she gets offered in excess of $ to do the deed but has always turned that down. Never the less, the visual package and her smooth tan skin kept my attention span high. While laying on the bed and chatting (that's rule 3 of hers, she must break the ice) I began touching the "Y" and working it a bit. After a little chit chat, she asked if I would like her to remove the thong. You bet your ass I did. She pulled it off and I went down on her like a mad man for about 15 minutes. I think she was shocked when I bought her to orgasm, because at that point she had her legs around my head so hard that it was getting difficult for me to breath :) I survived however. She told me she really enjoyed it and vowed to return the favor.

    She threw on a jimmy hat and started what I consider, the best covered bj I have ever gotten. After only 5 minutes of this, I was ready to explode so I decided to tell her to slow down. We chatted a bit more and then I went to mish. OMG! She has one of the softest but tightest pussies I've ever felt. During mish, along with me holding that ass, I just couldn't control myself any longer and commenced to shoot my load. 4 big squirts later, I was drained. All in all it took about 35 to 40 minutes but I was so satisfied with the first cup, I didn't even try a second.

    We chatted for a bit more till our time was up when the girl in the other room yelled out that the time was up.

    For the money, I think Valentina's service is a-okay. You can definitely get more from a julies girl but the visual package on this women is well worth the private stock prices that julies girls charge. Although there are definitely a lot of rules of engagement, if you talk right to this girl, you may get your money's worth. But always remember, YMMV.

    Also note, as of last week, she told me she had fallen on the ice and her back was hurting her a bit. She says that she's usually more athletic because I requested that we start with cowgirl when doing FS but she told me not this time, next time she would treat me better. This was definitely not a Devon stunt, I saw the bruises where she hurt herself. I'll definitely be back to visit her in the near future.

    Actual pic, but she looks better in person.