Review: Velvet from CL

Discussion in 'New York' started by erueru, Jul 13, 2006.

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  1. thezoos


    thank you for toftt.

    i have never used a cl provider, it's experiences like this one that i keep hearing about that make me rely on more proven commodities, smile.

    but the allure of finding the one pearl among the glass beads is,,, well, alluring

  2. SlickWilly


    Might have been better if you used the strap-on on her that she wears in one of the pictures. Thanks for the info and sorry for your bad experience.
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  3. MetroJay1


    Should have shot in her mouth.
  4. erueru


    Because I continue to scour the world for "the ultimate BJ", I just got back from a local motel meeting for BBBJ-only session with "Velvet". She posts on Craigslist (long island) using the same phone# as "Christine" the girl I reviewed last week. Here is the link:
    Phone: 646-702-4346

    Anyway, I feel like I wasted my money, so I'll warn you up front.
    I only took her after trying unsuccesfuly all day to get Christine again, only to settle last minute for Velvet.

    I walk in, and immediately am greeted by a sour-puss face, kinda angry looking but potentially attractive (maybe if she smiled) girl. I could sense her shitty attitude right off the bat. But I couldn't get myself to leave. You know the feeling I'm sure.She is definately 18 like she says. She is like a half-black PR,and, she says Chinese. Face was like a 6. Body like an 8. She was wearing a tight blue body stocking. I give her the 100 bucks.She drops to her knees and starts with this real fast pace
    BJ. Not great suction, not that deep. And I'm average size. By the way, she was drunk, almost in a stupor, very down, and there was a half-drunken bottle of Henesey on the dressser...

    Anyway, blew my load on her very nice titties and got dressed and said goodbye to the sour-puss.
    Definately will not repeat.