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    Review Format

    Thanks Japoman.

    The problem with cut and paste for the format is that it wont give you the bold and italicized text. I use notepad and paste the contents into the text box. That leaves some formatting to get rid of the line feeds, (you'll see what I mean) .

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    Great review, Mr Buck. BTW I like your form. How do I employ the format? Cut n' paste?
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    Date: 8/27/01
    Agency: Heavenly Exit
    Referral: UG
    Provider: Kathy
    Phone: 201-933-9458
    Email: unknown
    City/State: Lyndhurst, NJ
    Area: North Eastern NJ (Passaic County?)
    Type: Spanish/American MP
    Category: Spa
    Services: Massage, Standard extras (sort of)
    Time Advertised: 1 hour
    Rushed Service: No, but left alone a long time
    Service Fee: $60 for 40 mins
    Extras: $100 (see Comments)
    Total_Fee: $160
    Provider Haggled: No
    Accurate Advertisement: Yes
    Age: 22
    Race: Spanish
    Language Barrier: None
    Appearance: Very attractive strawberry blonde, Very new to the business. Accurate description from HE website below.

    Sweet as pie, Kathy is a girl-next-door like no other. Equally at home driving a flatbed tow truck or delivering an invigorating full-body massage, this 21 year old strawberry blonde is full of friendly assistance! Standing 5'4 at 135lbs, her smile and genuine friendly and caring attitude go unmatched.

    Breasts: Young, perky, very nice
    Attitude: Very sweet and friendly, not very accomodating however.
    Comments: I called ahead to HE to make sure that I would get an appointment with Sophia, having read so many great reviews about her and Amy. I was very excited to try a new place and, for a change, I was not taking one for the team, (or so I thought), I had done my homework and was looking forward to a great time. I arrived on time to find that Sophia was not going to be available. The manager mentioned something about car trouble and asked if I wanted to stay anyway. I decided that I would. I asked to meet the attendants so that I could choose someone in place of Sophia. With one glance, I choose Kathy, though the other girls that I met we very attractive as well. I was lead into the room and told to wait to undress in the other room. I thought his was odd but didnt complain. After waiting about 15 to 20 minutes, I was led to the shower area where I was given a locker with a key and allowed to shower and use the sauna if I wanted. The only problem that I had with the shower was waiting for people to go in and out, both when I arrived and when I left. After my shower, Kathy led me back to the room and began massaging me. She asked me if I knew how tipping worked and I said that I did and that I would like the nude option, ( I always get nude 8P)

    I need to preface this review with the fact that I really like Kathy. We got along famously and she is an adorable girl. She is very new to the business and IMHO has not acclimated yet. Touching was allow except in certain key areas (of the 'naughty bits' only top is allowed), she seemed quite anxious about this. Perhaps she was worried that I would complain, though I can only speculate. I must admit that there is some part of me that really enjoyed that she was a little squimish. Though I can see how this is not for everyone. Whereas I was able to have a very enjoyable time, I am certain that a large majority of you would not. I was a bit dissapointed since this was my first trip to HE and I did have those reviews of Sophia's 'french lesson' on my mind. At the end of the session I told Kathy that i thought she is a wonderful lady and that I really think she needs to find a rich boyfriend, the 'hobby' is not for her. One of the first ladies I have met that I could really become friends with. (and no I havent met Candie yet 8P)

    * sorry kathy *

    Recommended: Not unless you like `em squimish.