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Discussion in 'Northern New Jersey' started by billy01866, Jul 14, 2001.

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    i mentioned that in my post. i don' t think they are particularly large as far as agencies go. maybe there weren't any ladies available. who knows. i also got that same recording friday night. please keep in mind they close early, around 7ish during the week. when i asked about that, i was told, "that's when the partiers come out and it wasn't something they wanted to avoid". just call early in the day, after 10 and tell them what you are looking for and see if they can accomodate you.


    Elite Escorts

    I called them today and was amazed to hear that their vm said that they were very busy and hence closed till Monday. Amazing!!! If they were busy - you would think that they would stay open and service their clientele and make money - Isn't that the object? Just found it strange.
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    Hey Billy

    You should really give us a review on that chick they call the Screaming Mimi! LOL!!
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    tough when your a newbie posting reviews!
    yes, the last two digits are correct!
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    Hey guys
    Since the NJ board is up and running I am going to give some reviews of Elite. I saw each of the ladies around the end of April. Slightly dated, but still accurate.
    Turns out she is owner. Mature. Didn't divulge her real age except to say over 40. I would say close to 50, maybe. Nice body. About 5'3, c-cup, attractive, in shape, dark hair. No tatoos or piercings. GFE. Enjoys kissing, teasing, bbbj. Into the session. I wanted a two hour session but her car broke down on the way so she couldn't stay for two hours and gave me a 25 discount on the rate. I would say multiple rounds are not a problem.
    Saw her after Carla had to leave because of car problems and she recommended her. I was really horny so I said sure. She was over in a short while. She was kind of a big girl. Tall, maybe 5'10, but certainly taller than me. Weight proportionate, not petite. Better than average looking. What a great attitude. Wasn't in the room more than a minute and she was tearing her clothes off. Nice touch. Really enjoys sex and the foreplay involved. More than one round? You bet. Knock yourself out. BBBJ? Hell yeah. The sloppiest one I have ever gotten in my life. Just one all around horny woman. Smoker, though. Not big chested, no tatoos. Lots of fun. I belive she told me she was 28. Darkish hair. Not a clockwatcher. Again I would classify GFE.
    The youngest of the bunch. 22. And the best looking. Saw her the end of April. Nice, prompt, nice. I guess you could say she was a little on the thick side. D-cups. Pierced nipples and a few other places. Tatoos, also. A really big one just above her ass. Covered bj. Doesn't really enjoy doing it either. Her words not mine. DATY is fine with her. It was that time of the month, so draw your own conclusion here. Extremely health conscious. Kissing not a problem. She apparently is bi and has a girlfriend. I don't think multiple shots are a problem, but she wasn't really feeling good after a late night. So I didn't push it. I wouldn't quite call her GFE because of lack of bbbj and daty but on the other hand she wasn't mechanical either.
    This pretty much sums up my experiences. Overall good experiences. Just different. If I could have combined certain qualities of each lady I would be in heaven. Not sure how many ladies there are to choose from. They are not open on weekends and they close early during the week. Around 7 I believe. Simple screening process. Ask for name, number. Never called me. I don't think they have issues with traveling. Here is maybe the best part. 225 the first hour, and 100 each hour after. The rate of 225 applied for my town in Middlesex county. Maybe slightly higher where you are. Hope this qualifies for an acceptable review. Any questions feel free to leave your email.