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Discussion in 'New York' started by whasssup, Apr 29, 2001.

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    other suggestions

    I heard good things about Roxy prior to my Vegas trip. My friend ended up seeing her and he had a pretty good time. Not a ringing endorsement but my buddy very rarely dabbles in the hobby so take his comments with a grain of salt.

    I saw Candy Roxxx a few months back and had an awesome experience. Now she is a porn star and really gets into the session. Plus she has tattoos and piercings also she has a two hour minimum. Candy also requires a deposit and isn't the easiest person to get a hold of. But IMO it is well worth the trouble if you can set up an appointment with her. Candy is definitely a PSE rather then a GFE. It all depends what you are looking for but she is certainly very talented in session and one of the best experiences I've had in the hobby.
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    Email me for her info.
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    Thanks for the great report.

    I'm heading to Vegas pretty soon myself. I've already made plans to see Jackie & Devon, which I'm really looking forward to.

    I'm also interested in seeing Chrissy Tyler, but her website appears to be down. Does anyone have current contact info for her?

    Also, has anyone here ever seen Angel? Her info is at and she gets some pretty good reviews on ***. If I can't work out a time to see Chrissy, I might try out Angel and her friend Dana.

    All info is appreciated.
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    Hey fellas just wanted to post a review from my Vegas trip. I landed in Vegas around 10pm and thought of no better way to kick off my trip by scheduling Jackie and Devon to meet me at my hotel at 11pm. Not a bad welcoming party huh? Anyways, I had not seen either girl before but I had read many good reviews about them on the board from trusted posters I figured I couldn't go wrong. Wow these two girls did not disappoint.

    Jackie has a tight little body and a wonderful attitude. Although not a pretty as Devon she certainly makes up for it in the service department. Jackie is very talented and is very open minded. As long as she feels comfortable with you and you treat her with respect I'm willing to bet you can do just about anything with her. Of course YMMV. I won't go into details but trust me her great reviews are well deserved. BTW she does allow a visit to Greece for an extra charge.

    Devon is a stunning beauty and total sweetheart. She has beautiful tan skin and tight slim body. She is very passionate and one of the best kissers around. She also gives a great massage. Don't let her innocent looks fool you, Devon is very passionate in session and will give you the ride of a lifetime.

    The next day I saw Chrissy Tyler who happens to be Devon's cousin. The rap on Chrissy is that she is unreliable. I have seen Chrissy many times in NYC and she has always been true to her word. I have become good friends with her so maybe that has something to do with it. Anyways, after my out of body experience with Devon the nite before I decided I had to experience the cousin tag team. Picture Devon and Chrissy walking into my hotel room wearing half shirts and tight jeans. WOW! There was a Hawaiian tropic competition going on at my hotel so I bet many people confused these two beauties for Hawaiian Tropic girls.

    As it turns out, a good buddy on mine had a rough run on the tables the nite before so I figured he needed a pick me up. He ended up with Devon and I with Chrissy. So the tag team did not happen but at least I have something to look forward to the next time I am in town. For those of you who don't know Chrissy, she is a total hardbody. She is probably about 5'4 105 pounds with enhanced DD chests and beautiful exotic face. She is part French and part Chinese which results in 100% beauty. With Chrissy YMMV but I have always had unbelieveable sessions with her. She is passionate, talented and eager to please. If you can get a date with her you will not be disappointed. BTW after my buddy saw Devon, his luck turned and he went on a big run. Let's call it the Devon factor! He definitely owes me one.

    The next day I was supposed to see Catrine but she speaks limited english and for some reason she could not find my hotel room. In fact she called to say that she was knocking on my door which was obviously wrong because I was in my room waiting for her. I felt badly because she got upset because she thought I was wasting her time and playing games with her. I tried to send her an email when I got back to NYC but she had blocked receiving any incoming emails from me. Kinda sucks but life goes on. It was probably for the better because I was pretty worn out from the Chrissy,Devon and Jackie welcoming party. These girls come into NYC once every few months. They really don't post too much so it is really by word of mouth and referals. If you get a chance see any of these lovelies you will not be disappointed. good luck everyone.