Rio de Janeiro

Discussion in 'Latin America/South America/Caribbean' started by rk4rf, Mar 8, 2016.

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    Great place for mongering but now you have to add the Zika Virus to your worries.
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    Good info if ever go to Brazil, thanks
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    Lots of crime down there.
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    No, you are not allowed to link to other message boards. Read the rules. Breaking the rules is a quick way to get a thread locked or get your account banned.
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    Just back from a recent trip to Rio. some internet research and google translate led me to similar message boards (OP- am I allowed to share their URLs?) that provided current reviews.
    One thing to note is that whatsapp is the preferred mode of communication and I was able to establish contact with several providers even before reaching there.
    My plan was to use my taxi driver as my primary source for booty but that proved to be a non-starter. he gave me the address of the most "touristy" brothel that every guide tells you to avoid as being overpriced.
    So my trusty whatsapp contacts came in handy. I did get rates from some independents who looked promising but decided to play it safe and used an agency ( that has its rates posted (250 real for 2 hrs - that works out to less than $60 for 2 hrs). BBBJ, CIM were on the menu. possibly greek but I'm not into it so didn't ask.
    The girl wasn't the one in the picture but "similar' body structure so no complaints. In fact she became my tourist guide the next day as I decided to extend my "work" trip. we started off with a bang in the morning at my hotel and spent the entire day together till she dropped me off at the airport. total damage for the day was 800 reals (that $200 folks!!!)