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  1. slow and easy

    slow and easy

    I set up something with this girl last week. First we spoke on the telephone, and it was clear to me that she was independent and visiting from Italy. She actually sounded great. She speaks adequate english, although her english vocabulary is limited.

    On the telephone she tried talking about services and that I liked, I wasn't willing to fully engage on this topic, as I felt the topics discussed were on the slippery slope, and had the faint odor of entrapment. In hindsight I think what she was trying to do with me on the telephone was tell me only that only Harry Reasoner or Billy Joel with a hat would sing on the first date.

    We made a plan to meet later that evening, and did so outside, as I don't like to have new friends come to my place unescorted. And if they enter with me they don't have to deal with the doorman. Anyway, we met and headed to my place. I thought she was a bit cool and wouldn't really smile or make eye contact. I think she is very attractive in person, and would have enjoyed pealing this banana, for whatever that is worth. After walking a few blocks she tells me that there is no Frank Sanatra only Billy Joel and Harry Reasoner that would be available to entertain tonight. And the minimum tribute for their appreance would be 200. I told her this is not at all what I had in mind and that she should have made this clear in her post as well as in the conversation we had earlier in the day.

    I gave her car fare home, maybe I shouldn't have done this, but I thought she was needy and maybe a bit nervous and unable properly express herself. I also thought I would ****** her later and see if I couldn't get Frank Sanatra to come out on the first date. Bottom line, it didn't work, she refused.

    As I said I thought she was very attractive and would have enjoyed seeing her in her birthday suit. But being limited to birthday suit and BJ and or HR for 200, with maybe possibility of FS in the future doesn't work for me.

    A report back from someone that has multiple dates with this one would be very interesting.

    slow and easy

    Elegant model meets distinguished men - 26

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    Date: 2006-05-05, 11:12AM EDT

    Refined model,5'7",26 years old, available to meet distinguished men,good looking or pretty good-looking,enough classy,up to 45 y.o.
    Basically who prefers stylish girls.
    Send a pic.
    Outcalls only
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    She updated so beware guys:

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    Today on Craig's:
    Read here for my description of her and her service, her's is the first pic. She'll send you a website that has some professional photos that could really be her, but when she shows up, she looks sick and frail. Also, no full service on first date, wft :D
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