Robin of julie's?

Discussion in 'New York' started by scorpio69, Jul 11, 2001.

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  1. Luciano


    Turn around polaroid

    "Neutron" Julie, eh?

    I'd buy the damn stock if she was running the company, write puts and buy LEAPs.

    I look forward to going to Julie's everytime I'm away for more than a week.
  2. blackbag99


    Julie's honesty

    WOW, I have never even dared to imagine that a provider (Julie) would be so honest and out front with the clients. Kudos Julie, and thanks, I'll be visiting soon.

  3. pswope

    pswope One out of three

    as you know,Robin got her training as a Las Vegas brothel girl and her values were formed rock solid there. I told her well over a year ago that with her assets,she could make major bank with a simple adjustment in working technique. Unfortunately,it would be easier to teach entrepreneurial spirit to a motor vehicle worker than to change her approach. She's changed brothels more often than a dotcoomer has changed jobs. If you canpull this off,you should be hired to turn around Polaroid.
  4. Chernov


    More Julie praise

    Here, here for all the good words attributed to Julie & her establishment. As a frequent visitor over the past few years, I have rarely left with any giddyap left in my tank. The hostesses are great as well, always steering me in the right direction when new gals are on stage (read my brief review about Michelle).
    Regarding Robin, methinks she should work a double or two with Domino, Elyana, Lola, Sara or the before mentioned Michelle. Kind of a mentoring program.
  5. jgd


    Julie, I commend your honesty, and thats why I will be a client of yours forever!!!
  6. Casper


    There are many more examples of Julie's honesty and forthcomingness in other posts on UG. But it continues to amaze me that someone like her actually exists, and in the hobby. Brava Julie !!!

    Peace Out
  7. fishfry


    "I find that the girls that have worked at other houses are sometimes very pro and lack the softness and good service we strive for."

    I wish every agency owner in the city could sit at Julie's feet and learn something.


    That's the word. That's the quality I need from a woman.

    I don't care if the session is full service or not. I love a bbbj but if I can't get one I'm happy to get a decent handjob or even do it myself.

    But softness. Caring. Knowing that her mind is there with me, not just her body.

    Thank you Julie.

  8. bige


    I'm telling you if more agencies were as honest as julie, they would do wonders in terms of business. Julie and her staff will let you know right off the bat who's up to par based on your needs and their standards. Most agencies are just worried about $$$ and just push anyone on you. So Kudos to you Julie and your attention to detail!

    By the way Julie, when is the member's board on your site going to be up again? Will be as active on that board as you are here. It would be nice if all the juice you give here you would provide to your members on your site. To my surprise, if I want to know about a new girl on your site, I have to post my question on this board to get a respnse. Let's show the love at home too. lol =)

    Take care.
  9. scorpio69


    great attitude

    I am really impressed by Julie's honesty. if only we had a few more providers like julie..this hobby would be very pleasurable.

    Thanks for the frank apprisal Julie...I am glad I have been to your place..inspires me to be a more regular visitor!

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  10. Bill Furniture

    Bill Furniture Flounder

    Dear Julie,

    I humbly volunteer to be the "practice client" if you want to show Robin the way! :)
  11. Slinky Bender

    Slinky Bender The All Powerful Moderator

    Modesty ( yeah, right ) prevents me from citing a phase here which morrors "You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink". If you know what I mean.
  12. Julienyc



    Guys , I wish I could say that Robin is a hot session and I have tried several times to get it in her head that she would compliment her body by using her brain ,meaning giving a hot fun session. To date, I showed her ER reviews and she was shocked. She said she thought she was doing much more than when she was at JBs and PIT for much more cash ,I tried to explain how she should treat the guys and she would reap the benefits but hey ,I am trying. I let every one know that she is a pretty red head lovely rack but as far as service she seems to be jaded and she admits this. I find that the girls that have worked at other houses are sometimes very pro and lack the softness and good service we strive for. We offer great service for a great price and we can not accept anything less. I gave her a choice lets see what happens ,Robin is a hot pretty redhead I would love to keep.
  13. dansmith111


    I've not seen her, but there are some reviews in *** that give her good marks for appearance and so-so ratings for perfomance. It seems as though she has not yet been "Julie-ized". When she is, she should be dynamite!
  14. blackbag99



    I met Robin at PIT and although she is a lovely red head with awesome boobs, I was a bit disapointed in her. she was very nice and we had a good chat, but the (*& was only fair and she told me that now that we've had a good chat, the next time they'll be more *&(*. Further, she pushed real hard for a substantial tip over and above the PIT $240 fee. If indeed she has adopted Julie's philosophy, I would like to see her again.

  15. Bill Furniture

    Bill Furniture Flounder

    Scorpio, Robin is from P-I-T, just ask the phonegirl at Julie's if Robin has become a true "Julie's Girl" and she should tell you. Tell the phonegirl what services you are looking for, she'll try to help you.
  16. scorpio69


    Hi guys,

    just discovered this message board thru a link on julies site. I commend the community experience here. i have been posting my experiences at sites that make me pay to enter!..what I fool I have been!

    This is the place to be. My move to the NYC area has been relatively recent....however I have already indulged in this hobby as much as my funds would allow me..

    did anyone in this board visit Robin at juliesnyc? I have been at julie's and know her girls are the dearest of them all..but robin I think is from Paris in town(my experience there was very average).

    what i wanted to know was if she has adopted the julie's philosophy yet?

    those hot pictures on julie's web site make me wanna schedule an appointment rightaway.....but then , after years on this hobby...I have stopped thinking with my dick;-)

    catch you guys later!