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  1. Julienyc


    I am so honored by your compliments ,Thank You so much for having the trust and the faith to trust my judgement. Being from other houses I have learned that without the client there is no house. I have seen houses very slow and empty due to bad service , bad attitude ,overpricing. I strive to offer a great session with a nice variety of fun ladies. I do hope to turn Robin into a lovely swan but this is to be seen. She has the potential ,now it is up to her, she has seen this post and I hope that it makes her wake up. She was very shocked at her reviews on the sites , she felt she was doing much better at Julie s than in other houses she has worked. Like the post from (pswop) she has a rock solid background from Vegas and in Vegas it is get em and quit em and please don't mess up my hair. In New York where the guys are as fast as the girls ,it is If you want the fame drop the game and deliver what you offer. New York is one place that gets right to the point and I love it here.

    Anyway Robin is back today (Saturday) 3 to 11 one last try