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    found this place in QT. 718-866-###9. 50 entrance fee/50 min. Not much to write. The place is run down, not dirty, just dingy. located on the 1st floor next to an apartment where somones child was an honor student at some public school (sticker on door). Met by Lilly (how many AMP's are named Lilly).She was definately early to mid 40's. Actually wasnt unattractive. Not such a bad massage to start, but the flip happenned in 7 min without introducing herself to the boys. While i on back i was able to run my hands up and down her naked legs. on the flip she asked if i wanted her " do..."A h/j was 60 which i countered w/30. her counter was 50 we settled on 40. i had her disrobe. she did it in stages. one piece at a time. i had to ask for the next piece to come off. not a bad body. tight. breasts were 32B. her play area was very bushy. I like that. Anyway, after some nippkle licking she got to it. eventually, i had her lay next to me and i embraced her while i poundered her fist. Hey--it's still safe and the result is the same. spunk flying everywhere. man she was messy. all in all ok. you get what you pay for. total damage .9