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    My 2nd post... a review of EURO SPA in Nyack.
    (See ad in Bergen Record for phone#)

    This RMP is located on Main St in Nyack and I've been there about four times or so. The office is very clean with three small rooms that fit little more than a massage table and chair. The first time there you visit you are asked to give them a name with a four digit code to identify you as a returning customer. There is ample parking on the street and next to the building. The fee is 60 and the tipping structure seems fixed at 50/75/100 for release clothed/topless/nude. FS does not seem to be available.

    The girls are all Russian/Ukrainian, most of them ranging from attractive to very attractive. My last two visits I saw a blonde named Melanie, an incredible hottie who is roughly 5'4", slim with a great ass and 34B+/Cs.

    Her massages are fair. She spends about 20mins on your back, then starts the tickle/tease. Eventually after a 1/2 hour or so you flip and discuss the extras. I asked for DATY the first time and was accomodated (as I was with one of the other girls whose name I can't come up with.) We switched places and I was treated to the most delicious, fragrant muff. When I had had enough, we switched again and I experienced a mind blowing hand release. The second time was close to her period, so I requested Russian (no pun intended) and was again accomodated. We switched places and I had another mind blowing experience complete with pearl necklace finish.

    I like this place, though it's expensive. I thoroughly recommend seeing Melanie who is extremely attractive and friendly in a low-key way. I will be back, though probably to sample one of the other girls.