Role Reversal - APM for Females

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  1. rogue


    3 witnesses

    3 ladies that were "touched" by him in private places-now deciding to press charges
  2. thelastone


    Three official witnesses???? Did this guy have an audience or something? Maybe he was training new masseurs like they do doctors...

    "Patient is a 39 year-old female, complaining from lower back pain and stress induced pain. Recommandations?"

    witness 1 "10 min. hot oil massage."

    witness 2 "possibly might not be enough. 30 min."

    "Not bad but what both of you are missing is that the patient is sexually frustrated. Therapy should include a massage of the genital area, and 2 min of digital manipulations."

    witness 3 "but what about complications that might arise. There might be resistance to that treatment."

    "Ah, well if by the time you get to digital manipulations and the patient has not lodged any complaint, there shouldn't be a problem. Any reasonably intelligent person would stop treatment when it got above the thighs. Only a real money hungry bitch with no sense of humor would actually let treatment proceed until the end and THEN complain and sue."

    Well maybe not.

  3. rogue


    Insider info-the guy didn't have a license,only a temp from his country-now the state is investigating all of Maximus files,accounts etc-and with 3 official witnesses against this guy-more will probably surface-and the general question was why was a guy doing a lady...
  4. Bill Furniture

    Bill Furniture Flounder

    $31 million?

    No way! Where would the place get that kind of money?
  5. sneaker


    Abner Louima got only 9 million, and he had more than a couple of fingers shoved in him.
  6. rogue



    GUYS- DON'T KNOW IF I REALLY BUY THIS STORY-I know a lot about MAXIMUS,how it works,and it's all legit and legal-and have met this guy Paul-anything is possible though-but ..I don't know-31 million? nah-you guys who have been to that mall and walked past that place-she is probably just thinking big money!!!
  7. fishfry


    People claiming to be capable of doing massage should be well versed in the notion of consent and should be capable of reading their clients.

    She told him it was her first massage. He should have delivered a nonsexual theraputic massage.

    Even if a guy advertised as a male escort for women and a nervous woman got up the courage to show up and pay for a session, I can't imagine any service provider being clueless enough to stick his fingers into a woman without any verbal or nonverbal communication.

    It's sad to say but this guy should be prosecuted and convicted. He's in the same category of a therapist who seduces a woman, and apparently a lot of that goes on.

    The basis of sexuality is consent.

  8. tomatch


    Role Reversal - AMP for Females

    Anyone see this in yesterday's Post?

    ------------------------------------------------------------------------ July 26, 2001 -- A Long Island mother of two is suing an upscale suburban day spa for $31 million because she claims a masseur sexually molested her during a massage.
    The 39-year-old woman, who asked not to be identified, told The Post the traumatic event left her feeling violated and has made her fearful to be home alone.

    Her visit to the Maximus Spa in Westbury - a $400 anniversary gift from her husband - was supposed to be a relaxing, beautifying day on the eve of a family vacation to Maryland last month. But it ended with the arrest of her male massage therapist, Kyoung Ju.

    "I told him it was my first massage," she said yesterday at the Bay Shore offices of her lawyer, Andrew Siben.

    "I was very nervous because it was my first time. There was music playing. He told me to breathe in and out in a seductive way. I felt very uncomfortable breathing like that," she said.

    "All of a sudden, I feel this hot oil between my legs, like a burning. He massaged my whole vagina area and inserted his fingers - I was thinking, ‘This can't be happening,'" she said, tears coming to her eyes.

    Moments later, she claimed, Ju also massaged between her breasts. After the rubdown was over and Ju left the room, she began to sob and related what had happened to another a spa worker, who she said hugged her and told her, "It's not right."

    She then called her husband, who advised her to call the police, which she did. Before the cops arrived, Ju, who also uses the name Paul, confronted her and tried to convince her not to press charges.

    "Why did you do this to me?" she demanded.

    "I wanted to relax you," he replied.

    Ju was arrested, handcuffed and charged with forcible touching, a misdemeanor.

    The woman said she suffers from anxiety attacks, has developed stomach trouble and is seeing a therapist.

    Ju could not be reached for comment, but Todd Greenberg, a lawyer for Maximus Spa, denied any abuse ever took place.

    "Why did you do this to me?" she demanded.
    "I wanted to relax you," he replied.
    - HA HA HA HA poor guy - just doing his job.