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Royal Spa - 901-A Motor Pkwy Hauppauge 631-626-0400

Discussion in 'Long Island' started by LISteve, Dec 28, 2011.

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  1. ModernDayCowboy


    HE only shops negotiating tips on the flip fucking annoys me.
  2. prospekt1


    Stopped by here after going to the okey spa. I first walked in and a woman lead me into a room. There was another woman there but she was sitting on the couch as I walked by in another room and I could not see what she looked like. I took $50 for the hour and it was with lilly. After all the good reviews, I felt like I was in good hands. The massage started off good and she started to use her nails to lightly touch all over but I did not find that relaxing. She danced around the boys and eventually came the flip. Prior to the flip, the massage moved to an ok massage.

    This is where it came worth noting. She asked how much I would tip her before finishing the job. I said $40 and she said ok but I thought that it was interesting that she asked before hand and did not accept the tip after. Perhaps others were tipping her less and she felt $40 was the norm so she is negotiating now? Just a thought. At the end she cleaned me up very well and and helped me get dressed.

    Overall, I feel like the massage was not that good compared to okey spa(see other review) but you are not necessarily there for the massage. I know that others have said that the massage was good but I do not feel as though that was the case here. It was ok in my opinion but she is good on the flip and very good at that. Let me be clear that royal spa is definitely worth it for what you are getting, no doubt about it, great value and service. I just had set higher expectations based on the reviews. Perhaps it was an off day and massage would be better next but I am not too worried as you are not really there for that. Another thing to note is the cleanliness of royal spa, they have paper that you lay on and is changed as well as the towel after you leave. Good to see that and I like that a lot.
  3. Lion-O


    Was here a week ago around 5 pm and I was led to a very spacious room with full doors and I got comfortable. In comes a 30 something Korean gal who in my opinion was above average in looks for an AMP and says that she has an appointment and can she only do 30 mins! So I pay 40 for 30. Decent legit massage followed by nice st with time spent around sensitive areas. Lots of touching OTC with no objections. On the flip she gets the oils and goes to work on the HE. Was told no touching UTC. Firm HE to completion 20 tip and on my way home. So 60 total for the 30 but would have liked the full hour that I wanted and would have cost me only 10 extra as advertised.
  4. Dschrute


    Yes, rushing the client and lousy massage sounds like the short older woman at charming spa. There are no rooms at royal with bars. There is a room at charming with them. I went back to charming about a month ago to see if there was any new talent and there was not. Luckily i had the curvy young girl who is ok. Decent table shower and massage. Ok FS. I have been sticking to royal because it is consistent. No FS but you can get two pops with the right girls.
  5. theladiesman


    See post #118, Kilojockey, you reviewed Charming Spa which is on the same street, not Royal Spa.
  6. playall140


    i feel like this place gets a lot of flack, (probably because the girls there arent very attractive), but in a pinch this place is perfect, especially at night. ive been here 3 times, had lily twice, and another (i cant recall the name) once. all 3 times utc on top and a more than decent hj, and they never tip haggle. one time I only had a .1 extra on me as i was unprepared and they didnt make a fuss.
  7. theladiesman


    Don't mean to be a jerk but are you reviewing the right spa? Royal Spa is $50/hr. I believe there's another spa on the South Service Road in Ronkonkoma - could that be the one you went to?
  8. Kilo11Jockey


    Charming Spa

    Went there paid 6 house money for 1 hour massage, then the bitch did a triple half gainer onto my back with the bars that are above the bed. I told her "medium" the bitch kept doing what she wanted to do. then she tells me 6 for hj 10 for bj I laughed I said no, not my first rodeo. proceeded to give me hard massage 2nd time i told her lighten up, medium...she kept going then she says all done, I was in there bout 30 minutes. I said, "ok, you done?' she shakes her head yes. Got got changed and left. Home girl THOUGHT she was getting some $$$ wasn't happening. This is the worst place I have ever been to
  9. playall140


    Just returned from here, had Lily for the 2nd time. This place does not disappoint me, for what it offers. It's a "no extras" place so you don't go in expecting it, the massages aren't half bad, and Lily was extra attentive to the boys the entire time. Great HE. Lots of OTC and allowed UTC but pretended that it hurt as i touched the nips. I took the half for 40, and was short on cash so I only left 20 after and she was fine with it. No haggling, no complaining, and they don't rush you out. I got a full 30 minutes. I made the mistake of taking an hour up the road at charming and was back in my car 20 minutes later. very unhappy there.

    only thing that weirded me out about this visit was that, it was busy, so as my session was going, i was able to hear another session next door. had to really try to tune it out, but i know thats going to happen every so often, so it didnt take away from the experience.

    I'll definitely return here again, perfect for what it is and what it offers.
  10. ffTheBenchO


    royal spa

    So just got back from a hr massage with HANNA according to her, prob in her 30`s, fairly Slim, Defintely barely any fat on her body but a nice body i would say , some b cups, small tight little butt.
    massage was freaking great, I had a long weekend camping and needed the massage and let me tell you it was great had a thorough back rub with oil, barely touched the boys. when i was face down and she was massaging my thighs I kind of put my ass up an inch or so to insist she grab the business end of things and she was like " no, not that muscle right now" she giggled a lot and was kind of funny she could some what hold a conversation.
    on the flip gave me an awesome HJ like an inverted hj with a deep thrust down the shaft with a twisting motion hahaha thats the best i can describe it.
    ^ frekin awesome prob 8 min of that and I was down for the count.
    Cleaned me up with a hot towel, then massaged my legs up and down for maybe another 10 min and that was it.
    damage 50 house / 40 tip I usually do not tip 40 ever no matter where i go, but i thought she earned it.
  11. LIeastGuy


    Been here many times, I have never been disappointed. Don't really have much to add other than to confirm what has been said before. Long time lurker here, only my second post. I just visited CHARMING SPA right down the street, which I will give a full review once I can start new threads as this is a new place and I don't see a thread already started for it. But I will say I am way happier with Royal's service, I will not be going back to Charming anytime soon.
  12. nohj68


    I went there last week. I saw "Mei-Mei" I think she said. Had a tat on her chest. Not bad, definitely the best looking one I've seen there. Nice massage, great soft touch. She let me roam under her bra, even let me suck on her very nice nip for a second. I was a little too aggressive I think...she pulled back and said, "you too rough!" Nice, HE and scalp massage to finish up. Not to sound like a dick, but she kept complimenting on how she liked my body, even gave me a big hug when I was getting dressed.

    Another good time at this place, can't complain.
  13. bd_0001


    went here for the first time a few weeks back. decent looking girl in her 30s greeted me. due to all the hoopla about Lily I asked for her. Not very attractive which sucked. decent massage as reported by others. HJ was nothing special, very little otc was allowed. gave her 40/20 but she insisted on 40/40. I didn't want to argue but definitely not worth it. i will not see Lily again.
  14. LISteve


    The rent has to be A LOT cheaper than a strip mall. Strip mall is high price retail ... like $35 to $40 a sq ft. This place is industria park and is probably half that.

    I like this place a lot for what it is.
  15. chumpmatic


    No way
    This place attracts because of that $10 difference
    There are no bells and whistles here.
    There are no extras here
    There are no hot young females here
    It's not in a strip mall in the middle of a busy street (this may be a plus but it seems to be out of the way even if it's not)
    There is a reason we still go here
    The .5 instead of .6 works subconsciously and makes it OK for us to go and feel comfortable about it.
    They fuck that up and who knows what will happen.
    I don't think they should kill the goose that lays the golden eggs for them.
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  16. MIKEE


    it is so busy that maybe they are going to up the price $10
  17. LISteve


    Went back a few days ago and had Linda. Really nice massage. Felt myself nodding off a couple of times. HJ technique was not that great ... had to tell her to slow down. This was at like 3:00 PM and the damn doorbell went off a milllion times. You guys are horny bastards!! Because of you guys she asked if she could cut my session short. I didn't really mind since I was running late to get home anyway. That's a first for me at this place.

    Still looking for alternatives. I saw a place for a Suffolk County brotherl type place here. I am thinking in Babylon. I have to find the thread. I want to give that place a try.
  18. LISteve


    Yeah but the parking is terrible!
  19. chumpmatic


    There are NO coincidences !!!
  20. Photofinish61


    Hey the Mets moved into 3rd place and are flirting with 2nd place! (Can you tell who I cheer for?) LOL! Come on Steve! Come to the dark side. Think about it, good AMPS in Flushing, Mets in Flushing. It can't be coincidence. LMAO!