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Discussion in 'Long Island' started by LISteve, Dec 28, 2011.

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  1. BarryHallsack


    Newbie but not sure if I should post here or in other.
    As many know, this place is off a main road but secluded from road by trees and in its own little area on the lot. A small sign is on the corner of the entry road, but it is easy to miss.

    50 is the house fee, which was given to a wrinkly Asian woman who thankfully left me alone.
    I quickly undressed knowing that the next person to come in would not be much better, but I follow these reviews. The woman who came in was definitely in her late 40s, but okay and good enough.
    I don't like oil, so I had her skip it and the legit massage was pretty good, unlike other places.
    After the flip she was moving about the area and I got excited, despite her looks.
    I don't waste time, so I asked what she was looking for, with the usual sign language overcoming the language gap. She wanted 100 at first, but I cut her down to 50 because she "like"
    I let her get to work and allowed myself to do plenty of OTC touching, but UTC didn't seem likely.
    Once she kicked up the notch I finished, which was met by tissues or possibly paper towels.
    I didn't stick around after since it was my first time there. Asked her name, but it sound like "Yeeyee"

    May come back if in a pinch.
  2. LISteve


    Stopped by yesterday ... had Shugee. Typical on looks .. maybe a little better than average ... but her massage skills were excellent and gave me a top ten HR. Fantastic!
  3. ModernDayCowboy


    I guess all the ads about "NEW MANAGEMENT" were full of shit. Glad the one time I went to try this place it was closed. Sounds like it's the same waste of time and money as it was since the last time I was there almost a year ago.

    Was covered the few times I went there. Not only was it covered, it was sub-mediocre.
  4. RacerX495


    I wonder if the bj at charming is covered?
  5. jayadler631


    I just went to charming and it was pretty bad, she wanted 40 for half, 40 for hj, 100,bj, 140fs. i just took the 40 and shot all over her she got mad lol.

    Stick with royal. charming didnt even give me a massage. she just finished me instantly said thanks and left. cute older lady,
  6. massagenoob


    Unfortunately yes, that is part of the problem. People have built up these women's expectations so much that the prices just get higher and higher. We all need to do our part to keep it under control.
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  7. Jujucares


    Great review beerbelly I've been wanting to go their for my first AMP experience but its just so close to home. Literally like 1 minute maybe 2 minutes away if I catch the lights. After that review I might have to take the chance.
  8. ModernDayCowboy


    Tina doesn't talk money, and the service she gives you is worth every cent of $40.

    I've been to AMPs in different parts of Queens, Nassau and Suffolk and this place is the cleanest and nicest of the ones I've been to.

    Not from my experience, but once funds become available on a consistent basis again I may put some time into her and see if I can get anywhere. The only reason I started going back here is because I pass it a couple times a week and they are open later.

    Fuck that. I won't pay a 20yr old $70 to jerk me off.

    I know which woman you had, and I specifically avoid her. She didn't seemed to pleased the last time I was there and she greeted me and I asked for Tina lol
  9. beerbelly


    Thanks for the compliments. I made a point to look around and include most details of the entire experience. It also helped that I wrote the review a few hours after the encounter so everything was still fresh in my mind's eye.
    I was wondering if there was more on the menu when she started saying the high tip amounts. But I didn't ask. Does anyone tip $70 for an old chinese lady to jerk them off?


    Is there more on the menu with Tina besides a HJ?
    Thinking of checking this place out with all the good reviews.....a bit outside my mongering zone.
  11. joeyboy


    nice review Beerbelly
  12. PanamaJackDaniel


    Beerbelly nice review. You will be happy with Tina if you go back and she's there. The women in this place EXPECT $40 tip for an hour massage. You really can't complain too much, because its the cleanest and most reliable place I know right now. Also, the massage is really good.
  13. Slinky Bender

    Slinky Bender The All Powerful Moderator

    its nice to see a new guy here posting a review with lots of details. Please keep it up.
  14. beerbelly


    I went here midday today. I called to make an appointment and the girl on the phone had a very good command of the English language. It is located in an industrial park so there was no one watching me as I entered through the front door. I was immediately greeted by an old bird who ushered me into a room. The walls went all the way up to the ceiling and there was an actual door. There is a bookshelf on one end of the room loaded with folded sheets and rolls of paper towels. There is a dresser on the other end of the room with oils and a box of tissues on top. There is a chair in the corner and some hooks on the wall. There is a massage table in the middle of the room with a white sheet on it and a folded towel. She took my coat and hung it on a hook on and collected the 50 house fee. I was instructed to disrobe and lay on the table and she left me.
    A knock upon the door revealed that the one who I already saw would be my provider. Lily is a chinese woman who is probably in her 50's. I would estimate her to be 5'3" and 100 lbs with small breasts, a nonexistent ass, and bony legs. This is an actual preferred body type for me.
    She put some oil on my back and started a soft massage. As I loosened up the massage got deeper and harder. I listened to the asian music and was completely relaxed. She climbed on the table and really leaned into me as she worked out all the stress that I keep in my back and shoulders. She did this back scratch thing where she dragged her fingernails up and down me. I loved it but I hope it didn't leave any marks.
    Once Lily covered the actual massage she started ST. It wasn't great as it started then she shifted back to a massage then back to ST. She did that a few times, kinda teasing. Then it was all soft on my butt cheeks, my ass hole, and my taint. She slid her hand under me and started playing with my balls while continuing the touch on my ass hole and taint. She then whispered "you like that baby" in my ear.
    She asked me to flip and I did to reveal that was indeed enjoying myself. Then she asked me if I was gonna tip her. And the how much. I told her I only had 30. "30? No! 50, 60, 70!" I told her again I only have 30. "40?" I really only had 30. She agreed but I felt like she ruined something. I was now disconnected for the HE. But she brought me back.
    She started slowly with lots of oil. One hand stroking my cock while her other hand explored my balls, my taint and my asshole. She positioned herself with her tiny ass right near my hand. I reached out and grabbed on then explored her inner thigh and up to her vag over her tight fitting yoga pants. She didn't resist at all. Her stroke upped tempo to jack hammer. I then reached up under her shirt and squeezed her little titty over the bra and popped at that exact instant.
    She used tissues or paper towels to clean up my 4 day release. Then she used the terry cloth towel to wipe up any oil that was still on me. Then Lilly picked up my arm so it was over my head climbed on the table and put her head on my shoulder and her leg across my legs. I wrapped my arm around her and started running my hand up and down her back. We were cuddling. She layed there for a bit rubing my chest softly and tried to make a little small talk. Then she looked me in the eyes and said finished. Gave me a peck on the lips and got up. I sat up and strecthed. She said to lay on my stomach again and she sat on my back and rubbed my back some more. Then she lifted her legs around and dug into my back with her feet. Back to hands and done. She got up and started cleaning things in the room as I got dressed. She came over and buttoned my shirt for me. I gave her 30. She said next time 40. I was in there for about 1h20min. I would have given her 40 if I had it.
    She showed me a good time. If she were younger I would already be planning my next trip and wondering what our kids would like. I want a girl not a granny. I will probably repeat anyway. I might make an appointment with Tina next time to see how that goes.
  15. ahoyhoy


    I personally like lily. She is usually in on Mondays. Tina you say? What days she's in?
  16. PanamaJackDaniel


    Tina is by far the best looking one there. She also gives good service too.
  17. prospekt1


    If you have been using this site for a couple months and have visited a few places then why dont you post some reviews to return the favor to those who shared info for you to read.


    She has dark hair and is of asian decent.
  19. FripOvur


    I have been using this site for the past couple months as i frequent these establishments often. Im heading to royal spa today and, after all these awesome reviews of Tina, I wanna see her today. Does she have any distinguishing features so I know i am getting Tina?

    BTW This site is awesome and a huge help!!
  20. hardndslick


    I stopped by today had Tina, nice change from the old broad I had the last time I was here. Cowboys review is spot on. Shes very cute and friendly. she is not skinny like most of the others But not fat either, I would say shes healthy. My guess shes between 26 and 32.
    I've had much better massages tho , but I don't think I've had a better he.. she doesn't really massage it's more like she's stretching pizza dough but she sat on my ass grinding me while doing that. which was a turn on. the soft touch was one of the best I've had in the 30 years I've been in this hobby. On the flip she lifted her shirt and dropped her amp pants to show off her matching red bra and thong. Very nice. She popped the girls out and and let me lick the nips while rubbing my cock till I popped. She was alot of fun I will repeat. ... 50+40