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Discussion in 'Long Island' started by LISteve, Dec 28, 2011.

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  1. chiefs50


    went here about two weeks ago and had another session with Tina. she remembered me from my first time a couple of months ago which was a pleasant surprise. i opted for the hour. her massage is just OK--spends alot of time on my feet which i don't really enjoy so next time i will definitely let her know about that. however during the massage, she gets up on the table and basically grinds herself on your ass. also a pretty good angle to reach back and feel her up. after about 30-40 minutes of massage, the light goes out and the ST begins. she slowly caressed my back and went for the balls and shaft. it got to a point where i was pretty much on all fours as she stroked me from behind. she also lightly kissed my lower back and ass. i finally flip over and she oils junior up and begins stroking. she leaned in and lightly sucked my right nipple for a bit. i motioned for her to take her top off which she did, and then she freed her tits from her bra. she lets me suck her nipples and play with her tits for a bit but then slowly pushed me back down on my back. i then started grabbing her ass and pulled her pants down with no restraint, but she made sure to keep her legs clamped tight to prevent access to her kitty, which she did not do my first time. i finally bust and there is an alcohol/tissue clean up. she then left the room for about 5 minutes, which she also did my first time. during my first time, i just laid on the table naked expecting a leg rub or something since there was about 10 minutes left on the clock, but she came in and told me it was over. so this time, i assumed it would be the same so i got up and started getting dressed, but she seemed kind of surprised when she walked back in making me believe i would have gotten more of a massage to kill the extra time this time around. tipped her 40, offered me a water, and kissed me on the cheek goodbye and i will definitely being seeing her again sometime soon.
  2. jayadler631


    Tina does a great session, I recommend it, way better than bad/mediocre extras.
  3. LISteve


    Lilly is the only one who gives extras and she makes absurd demands for money. The bbbj lasts about 10 seconds and is bad. It has ruined this place for me. I liked it because it was close convenient and got a full hour with a good massage. I never did DATY with her though and not sure I would want to.
  4. ptalover


    1st time there today.
    Surprisingly nice setup. I tried for something more than HE and i was refused.
    put my pants back on and left.
    I guess I will have to be a steady to get more.
  5. joeyboy


    nice! only thought hj was available here
  6. emarbles


    I checked this place out today as I had time to kill and liked all the reviews on here. I thought I saw Vanilla Spa may be closed so needed a new go to local place. Called ahead when they first opened. Ask for Tina and was told she was working. When I got there an older woman led me to the room. She had jacked up teeth but don't they all. Asked her what her name was. She didn't answer but proceeded to stick her tongue in my ear . Took my 90 donation for 90 minutes. Needed 90 min as my entire body was sore. She came back in with my change and again I asked for her name. Again she didn't answer but starting making out with the inside of my ear again. I knew there would be extras to be had from this freak. For the first 60 minutes she gave an above average massage really hitting some parts that were sore. After lukewarm towel cleanup she started the ST. I started rubbing her thighs thru her yoga pants. Finally on the flip she whispered something I didn't understand but had to do with her tip. I said yes sure no problem. She wiped me down a bit then proceeded to give a good BBBJ. I pulled her pants and underwear down and started playing with her kitty. Then she climbed on top for me to give DATY while she BBBJ me. Finally finished but she had stopped the BBBJ at point and was on to the jackhammer HJ. After the cleanup she told me her name was Lily. Not sure why it took her so long to tell me. She then massaged me for another 20 minutes. Tipped her $70. She seemed ok with it and was on my way. I will be back here.
  7. hardndslick


    I stopped by on Sunday saw yee Lee or something. As Barry said about late Fourtys. Not too bad of a body but plain a face.

    I paid the 50 for the hour and got undressed. She came in and put the towel on my ass and gave me a top 5 massage. Her skills were on point, hit all the right spots with some teasing under the towel. ( Just my butt) before the flip she gave a great st . I flipped and she went straight for for Jr , unfortunately the hand job wasn't as good as the rest. Jackhammer. .plenty of otc but no utc. Good clean up . she massaged my legs some more. Then got ok done at 45 min. In. I had a good time so I didn't bitch. I get dressed and hand her 40 and she looked at me as if I crapped in her she shorted me 15 min no utc I should have given just 30, but she gave a great massage. She has alot of nerve ..... you over tippers are killing me
  8. BarryHallsack


    Newbie but not sure if I should post here or in other.
    As many know, this place is off a main road but secluded from road by trees and in its own little area on the lot. A small sign is on the corner of the entry road, but it is easy to miss.

    50 is the house fee, which was given to a wrinkly Asian woman who thankfully left me alone.
    I quickly undressed knowing that the next person to come in would not be much better, but I follow these reviews. The woman who came in was definitely in her late 40s, but okay and good enough.
    I don't like oil, so I had her skip it and the legit massage was pretty good, unlike other places.
    After the flip she was moving about the area and I got excited, despite her looks.
    I don't waste time, so I asked what she was looking for, with the usual sign language overcoming the language gap. She wanted 100 at first, but I cut her down to 50 because she "like"
    I let her get to work and allowed myself to do plenty of OTC touching, but UTC didn't seem likely.
    Once she kicked up the notch I finished, which was met by tissues or possibly paper towels.
    I didn't stick around after since it was my first time there. Asked her name, but it sound like "Yeeyee"

    May come back if in a pinch.
  9. LISteve


    Stopped by yesterday ... had Shugee. Typical on looks .. maybe a little better than average ... but her massage skills were excellent and gave me a top ten HR. Fantastic!
  10. ModernDayCowboy


    I guess all the ads about "NEW MANAGEMENT" were full of shit. Glad the one time I went to try this place it was closed. Sounds like it's the same waste of time and money as it was since the last time I was there almost a year ago.

    Was covered the few times I went there. Not only was it covered, it was sub-mediocre.
  11. RacerX495


    I wonder if the bj at charming is covered?
  12. jayadler631


    I just went to charming and it was pretty bad, she wanted 40 for half, 40 for hj, 100,bj, 140fs. i just took the 40 and shot all over her she got mad lol.

    Stick with royal. charming didnt even give me a massage. she just finished me instantly said thanks and left. cute older lady,
  13. massagenoob


    Unfortunately yes, that is part of the problem. People have built up these women's expectations so much that the prices just get higher and higher. We all need to do our part to keep it under control.
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  14. Jujucares


    Great review beerbelly I've been wanting to go their for my first AMP experience but its just so close to home. Literally like 1 minute maybe 2 minutes away if I catch the lights. After that review I might have to take the chance.
  15. ModernDayCowboy


    Tina doesn't talk money, and the service she gives you is worth every cent of $40.

    I've been to AMPs in different parts of Queens, Nassau and Suffolk and this place is the cleanest and nicest of the ones I've been to.

    Not from my experience, but once funds become available on a consistent basis again I may put some time into her and see if I can get anywhere. The only reason I started going back here is because I pass it a couple times a week and they are open later.

    Fuck that. I won't pay a 20yr old $70 to jerk me off.

    I know which woman you had, and I specifically avoid her. She didn't seemed to pleased the last time I was there and she greeted me and I asked for Tina lol
  16. beerbelly


    Thanks for the compliments. I made a point to look around and include most details of the entire experience. It also helped that I wrote the review a few hours after the encounter so everything was still fresh in my mind's eye.
    I was wondering if there was more on the menu when she started saying the high tip amounts. But I didn't ask. Does anyone tip $70 for an old chinese lady to jerk them off?


    Is there more on the menu with Tina besides a HJ?
    Thinking of checking this place out with all the good reviews.....a bit outside my mongering zone.
  18. joeyboy


    nice review Beerbelly
  19. PanamaJackDaniel


    Beerbelly nice review. You will be happy with Tina if you go back and she's there. The women in this place EXPECT $40 tip for an hour massage. You really can't complain too much, because its the cleanest and most reliable place I know right now. Also, the massage is really good.
  20. Slinky Bender

    Slinky Bender The All Powerful Moderator

    its nice to see a new guy here posting a review with lots of details. Please keep it up.