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Discussion in 'Long Island' started by LISteve, Dec 28, 2011.

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  1. h_latimer


    I don't quite get it. At most AMP's you get a lousy massage and 2 minutes of HE by a fully clothed plain or fugly girl. For 100 bucks at some strip clubs, you get a HJ from an almost naked beautiful girl and you touch her all over for about a half hour. IMHO, the AMP's are almost a total waste of time. Don't see any reason to spend money there.
  2. vbman09


    Hit this place up on Saturday, Place is well hidden from regular traffic and on Saturday it was a ghost town. Walked in and was lead to a very nice and clean room. Needed a good back rup so went for the 60 min. Like many posters on here place was spot on. Massage was excellent and HE was very good. 60/40 was the damage. This is a place for quality rub and a nice tug, as for looks. they are 5 are best, but are super nice.
  3. LISteve


    Went back today and got the usual service. 60 for the hour 40 tip. Great massage, very good HE, very good cleanup with hot moist towel. There is one complaint ... minor. They are in an office section of an industrial building. in the Massage room you are often jolted by very loud banging. Other than that the consistency of good quality massage and HE is Excellent. You never leave disappointed. The ladies are all 40 something OK looking ladies. There are no extras. Don't think I would try if there were. The HEs are good enough. Highly recommended.
  4. LISteve


    Went back today. Took the hour and got the usual service. Great massage and a great HJ. 60 to the house 40 tip. They are great with the cleanup. I was slightly annoyed in that one of you douchebags came in looking for my girl and she said 5 minutes ... I really had 15 minutes left. It really didn't matter since I already had the HE. I like the last 15 minutes of massage. All the ladies here are around 40 or so and are average looking but they have skills. PLace is super clean and a great location in an industrial area with a secluded parking lot. Nobody will see you come and go. Cheap and good service. I will repeat.
  5. road_warrior1115


    I was my first time at Royal spa today. I must say it was reassuring having the place in a remote corner of a commercial building. Upon entering there was 1 girl there. Kind of plain, but sexy in a way. About 40 small build and cute tits, about a 6 by my rating today. She led me to the room which had hard walls and was very clean. I asked her name but she spoke little or no English. After the 4th try all I got was that her name began with an H. I took the full hour for 60. I asked for a soft massage and was pleased to find she was willing to follow orders. Very nice soft massage with heavy concentration on the boys and ass. I was allowed to do some otc roaming. Nice firm ass, tits and legs. Some resistance when I went for the full pussy cup. She told me to flip and went to work on my junk. Very nice HJ !!! took her time and worked it until I was completely done. Nice clean up with a warm moist towel. After she cleaned up came back and asked if I wanted to continue. Since I still had 20 minutes I agreed and she proceeded to give me an amazing leg and foot massage. Over all very nice experience. I gave he a 50 (all I had was 50's, poor planning on my part) Well worth it I think. She seemed pleased and helped me get dressed and put my shoes on. On a scale of 1-10 I would give it a 7.5 I will try it again and see if more is offered.
  6. jimmyMF


    checked it out

    First time review so here it goes:
    Went here on friday. Industrial building - somewhat secluded. was greeted by Lily. As stated above she was older, wearing jeans & big t-shirt - nothing to write home about. Took the hour. Went into a big room. Massage was just ok. Medium strength. Have had much better massages but it was ok. The ST was nice. On the flip nice play with the boys and decent HR. No mention of $. She cleaned me up, did some more massage and finished out the hour. All in all a decent experience for a newbie like me. Ok massage & decent he. Gonna sample some other places with nicer talent.
    Damage .6 & .4
  7. LISteve


    You are probably right. For 30 minutes of mediocre service I would have tipped $20 and I have often. If it is an hour and I get good service I will tip $40. Sometimes I go over and get very good service and tip 60.

    The one thing about this place is that I have always gotten very good service. Always VERY good massage with EXCELLENT clean up. hot wet towel and all areas cleaned. They even thoroughly clean stevie jr squeezing out anything remaining. I also often go overtime.

    The Latinas in Farmingdale when they don't do HR have only gotten $20 after 40 mins. I don't caer how good of a massage they do. I like the massage but go for the HE.
  8. canthelpit


    I think 20 is fine for the half for mediocre service. For good service i've tipped 30 and once i tipped 40.
  9. bionicbrats


    Since when is $20 not enough for a tip?

    I visited here a few weeks ago. I think I had Lily. Over 40 not. Great looking took the 1/2.
    Decent massage but I didn't care, on the flip she said something that I just couldn't understand.
    I eventually took her hand and put it right on the little brat. She asked if I tip good and I just nodded my head. A little jack hammering and nothing else special and the job was done. Oh she did lift he bra to allow some UTC roaming. Again nothing special. I get dressed and hand her $20 and she say everybody pay $40 for that. I say that's all I have even though I think she saw the $50 bills I had in my wallet. But I wasn't paying up for mediocre service. I said next time just to get out of there but she was obviously not happy with my tip. Has $40 become the standard tip? I hope not! I don't want to sound cheap, but there was nothing social to pay up for. I was out in less than 30 minutes, she didn't put in any extra effort but she was very insistent that $40 was what I should have given her. "everybody give $40 for that" she said, I disagree!
  10. LISteve


    Went back yesterday and asked for Katy. Although she told me herself she is there everyday ... she was not there yesterday. I got a 40+ year old girl. Not very attractive at all but the one thing about this place is you always get a great massage and a pretty good HR. That is exactly what I got. The girls here have that down pat.

    The place is close to work, clean, in an industrial VERY low traffic area and it is a new, clean, nice place. She had great skills in all areas. I don't think there are extras available here but then again ... you probably wouldn't want any from the talent here. However ... if you want a good massage with HR in a nice place with nice ladies ... this is the place.

    60 for hour plus I gave 60 tip. The tip was on the high side but I went over in time as it takes a while for me to pop. I guess she earned it. A more appropriate tip would have been $40 I guess but I would rather be percieved as generous and be treated well.

    Next week I will try a couple of other places I have been scouting.
  11. jg51kj


    Went here bout 2mths ago bc I had time to kill and my back/arms hurt from previous days workout. Like said above it is an industrial area. Stripped down van in lot gave me second thoughts about leaving car there but I got a spot right in front. Place is very nice, full walls, real doors etc. Forgot who I had but I would say in her 40's with no body on her. Massage was better than average, HE was ok. After the HE she came back to finish massaging feet which is always nice. She tried several times to start conversation but I couldn't understand so I said nothing. After the HE she wound up communicating somehow to tell me she worked in a hospital in China or somewhere getting paid shit. She was happy with the $20 and I left satisfied. Wouldn't go back unless in the area.

    Hate to get off topic, but I can't start new threads yet. I've been a longtime lurker here but I was hesitant to sign up as I wasn't sure how long site would last.

    There was two in amityville, one was behind some type of realty place or something just west of the depot on south side of sunrise. More of a full service place it seems. Lady was def over 30. Asked for the hour the said, "half hr or 45min". I repeated hour and she repeated what she said again so I went with 45 min. This was couple months ago don't remember the numbers but I usually only go for the HE but somehow I ended up getting CBJ. I believe I walked out 30mins later paying 100total but not sure. There is another that is right on sunrise, again on south side. Much better place! Will post a review when I reach enough posts to start a new thread.
  12. lihunter


    Went here 1 month ago.

    Good location, however, too bright inside and open enough you may run into another guy.

    Took 1/2 hr.
    Massage was ok.
    HJ was normal.

    Tried it, but won't go again.
  13. LISteve


    YOu are probably right mcalandra. BUT ... Katy was more attractive than the typical AMP worker and maybe once she gets comfortable ... you never know! I may try to work her up to extras but for now ... it is close, convenient and better than average. Besides ... I will take an excellent HJ over a bad bj any day.

    On the other hand ... I have been wanting to try that LMP in Amityville!!
  14. mcalandra


    i tried this place 3-4 times and they definitely recognized me. this is a massage place with hj only. found massage and soft touch to be pretty good, but i usually want more than hj. the women i found to be older, and less attractive than at many other places, and their dress code discourages mongers from "inappropriate ideas".
  15. LISteve



    After giving up on 21D I figured I would go here since it is close to my job and on the way home. I was here once before and had Lily who was nice enough and gave a nice massage and HE. This time I got Katy.

    Katy is probably in her 30's and does not look like a typical AMP worker. She kind of reminds me of Kelly/Lisa of LMP fame from 180 Merrits. Nice and busty, not a spinner but I would not go so far to say she is "chunky". The girls here dress modestly so I can't give you a good description of their bodies. She did seem to have some nice tits though. She had a nice smile and was fairly pleasant. Her english was decent as far as AMP workers go.

    I know I have described this place before but it would appear to me to be a sales office at one time. The rooms are old offices for lawyers or finance guys. BUT ... it was a recent build out as everything looks new, neat and clean. There are plenty of nice clean towels and linens. This is a nice place. full walls with solid doors.

    Katy gave a great massage. Definitely one of the better ones I have gotten. One thing she did I was not crazy for. The excessively long time with the soft touch on my butt. Did she want to stick a finger in there? I really don't like that. Any way on the flip she went right for the HJ. It was extremely good. No jack hammer here. It was one of the best HJ I ever got. EXCELLENT cleanup. Hot moist towel. Once she was done milking Stevie Jr she finished the massage on my calves and feat. Great cleanup all over so no lotion was left.

    I had taken an hour. 60 to house and since she did a great job I tipped her 60 for 120 total. Please refrain from the snide remarks. This was a FULL hour. There is a big clock in each room to help keep track. She did a great job. I actually got fs last week for about the same money but that was for 1/2 hour and it was rushed with a bad massage and a shit bbbj to boot. This was a much better, cleaner enjoyable experience. I tipped accordingly.

    I don't know if more is on the menu. They aren't wearing nighties and aren't flat out offering it so they may wait till they are comfortable with you. I am definitely going back and seeing Katey and hopefully I can get a little more mileage. I really want to see those boobs in all their glory.
  16. GMackin


    Just curious, do you also have this problem with NP4play?
  17. bozmodian


    Hi All, Finally Im approved and can give you all the reviews Since June. First off I went to this Amp when they first opened, they are trying to rent out other offices in this building. I have been here 4x already, always seen 2 woman there. I would go in, 1 woman would meet me and take me to a room and give the the info for hour or half, first time I took the half, massage was ok, no otc or touching of masseuse was allowed. 40+20 tip. Second time I went same thing altho once I paid, girl left the room and another girl came in for the massage. Nice soft massage, avoided the boys, wouldnt allow touching them, no otc, no extra's told dont do that here. On flip soft touch last 10 mins Motioned if i wanted HJ I said Yea and she gave me a mediocre one, hot towel clean up 60+20 tip. Third time I went back same thing with a slight change, I asked about menu no matter cost and was told not done here. After massage and HE I tipped 60+20 and the masseuse gave me a dirty look (same one from past 2 visits) and commented thats all after 1 hour only 20. I was like well there would be more if there was more available. Fourth trip was last trip, same thing as before only this time i flashed alot of cash before asking about menu saying money wasnt a problem (a little lie) was told not here. paid the hour plus 20 and again told same thing with a big attitude thats all you give me after 1 hour... I wont be going back..look for 8 other reviews coming
  18. LISteve


    This place was mentioned in the beginners thread and since I work nearby I decided to give it a whirl. It was $60 for an hour and since I had the time I went for the hour. This place is right off exit 55 on the LIE. You have to head south on Motor Parkway maybe a 1/4 mile and it is on the corner of Hoffman. There is a big white sign on the corner saying Royal Spa. It is in an industrial/office building. It is not near any residence and there is no foot traffic there. There is a white buzzer but when I went the door was open. When you walk in there is a lobby off to the left wiith two big sofas and a large flat screen TV. When I went there were 2 girls lounging but one got up right away and met me. Her name was Lilly. Both girls were dressed in jeans and nothing provocative. I didin't get much of a look at the other girl. The place looked nice. This must have been some other business where they redid the whole place and then left. Lilly led me to a room in the back ... full walls and door. The place was neat and clean.

    Lilly is probably in her 40's but in good shape. Typical Asian body. B's on top and not much in way of curves. Had a pleasant smile. I would give her maybe a 5 or 6 in looks. She also could barely speak English.

    I hopped on the massage table naked and she covered me immediately. At first I thought this waqs a bad sign but soon enough she removed the towel. She actually gave me a great massage and had actual skills. I had her use the lotion. It was good as it did not smell that bad. About 30 mins in we went to the flip. I could not tell what the hell she was saying but I got her to give me a HJ. She did a very good job. I would give the massage a 8.5 and the HJ a 8. She leaned over a couple of times to nibble on my ear and kiss me a little. I was grabbing her body OTC which felt nice. I am not sure if extras are available due to the communication problem. If I had to guess I would say that more is available. After I finished she did a nice cleanup and continued with the massage as we had about 20 minutes left. When done she did a GREAT cleanup job and got the hot towel and cleaned front and back. Then she helped me get dressed.

    Location = good for those of you worried about being seen walking into a mp plus real convenient to get to. Real clean and privacy is real good.
    Girl = typical 40's average looking
    Service = 8 to 8.5. Massage great, friendly, nice HJ, great cleanup
    cost = 60 for hour plus 40 tip.

    I would repeat as it is close but the girls at 21D Jerusalem in Hicksville are much better looking. Although a tad more expensive and more out of the way, it is probably the better value.

    Maybe there are other girls there that are better looking.