Saddle Brook?

Discussion in 'NJ/NY/CT Massage / Spa' started by Zoltan, Mar 3, 2003.

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  1. biggod

    biggod The Rifleman

    Re: Re: Falls Therapy


    If you stop with the BS and did some reading you would know that pete answer that question already and gave the address and phone number.
  2. PI0072003


    Re: Falls Therapy

    Hey pete,

    Where is this place advertised. Like some contact info. I'm looking for places in passaic county.
  3. spanky123


    Last fall, pre UG days i frequented a place in that area. Had this REALLY hot latina named N****. I had seen her a few times then and was treated very well. However, there was a post about a month ago about someone who tried to see her and didn't get anywhere....havent been there this year so im not sure if things have changed.
  4. petehanse



    Once again, great minds think alike. Let's face it , when the choice boils down to the "Old Grey Mare" or some young filly, the choice is rather obvious. I much prefer to leave the old mare at the back stable and concentrate on the young filly prancing around in the paddock area. I'll always put my money on young, fun and ready to run! Showtime TV recently did a special on the porno industry and how they are always inducing young girls to enter the business. Sadly the girls are just a commodity and their youth is a prime prerequisite, and when they age, they are promptly discarded!
  5. Casper


    Reminder: no need to check under the couch cushions
  6. daro

    daro in loco CM

    That's the ticket spanky123. Nothing wrong with 2x per month.
    You space them out a little. Absence makes your dick grow
    harder. You can throw in a cheap thrill once in a while.
    Go across the river. I heard the ironbound section has some
    nice action. Just what somebody told me. Enjoy and be safe.

    P.S. Welcome to silver.
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  7. spanky123


    Daro, damn right i'm going back....just gotta pace myself since i am trying to limit all forms of hobbying for me to 2x a month tops cuz i dont have money falling out of my pockets

    maybe i gotta check out the cheap thrills section more lol.
  8. daro

    daro in loco CM


    Yuki is like the manager. She also did that at NA. She gave
    table showers and warmed you up a little, until the girl was
    ready for you. She walked in on me also. She will give you a
    massage, along with J. A double team deal. I'm not sure what
    extracurricular duties she's into. I'm not sure what the others
    do either. The place is a Spa. They sell beauty products.
    We don't give no stinking massages! LOL.
    If I were you, I would definitely go back. She's probably going
    to fix you up real good. With a months supply of those asian
    beauty products. LOL. In all seriousness. If you lost it like you
    said, during the news anchor report, wait until the music comes
    back on. You'll be whistling a happy tune. IMHO.

    Petehanse, I thought that's where you were going with that.
    There is some Qi Gong shit, that is some king of therapy.
    I agree with you. He's definitely in line for some old NA therapy.
    Even if it was discounted, I'd have to take a pass. Those old
    mares, ain't what they used to be.
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  9. spanky123


    I saw Y*** there, she is older but she still looks fit and in shape, and she has a fun personality--she walked in on my massage and slapped me on the butt lol.

    Pete, i am purely speculating here, but in terms of services available, she might be willing to provide what you are looking for since (correct me if i am wrong) she was working with J at her old place?
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  10. petehanse



    I just used that expression as a take off on the Qi Gong therapy. I don't fully understand that therapy but it does sound interesting! Does anyone know what that therapy ( Qi Gong ) entails? From my point of view Qi "Bang" seems more suited to my taste! I think Spanky in the above post could be in for the old NA therapy! Daro do you know if J's cohorts provide the same thearpy as J? Perhaps they would at a discounted fee?
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  11. spanky123


    There's one thing i forgot to put in my review in the other thread. she also told me to see her again and she whispered that she will "take care of me"

    So i'm dying to find out what that statement exactly means :cool:
  12. daro

    daro in loco CM

    Re: Daro

    I'm glad you think I'm onto something. LOL. Please enlighten
    me. In English, por favor. BTW, WTF does Qi Bang mean?
    You lost me on this one.
  13. petehanse



    Daro may be on to something here........hopefully some good old fashioned "Qi Bang" Therapy!
  14. daro

    daro in loco CM

    Re: You can always talk with your money

    Tekwrek, my "Suite " buddy. LOL. ( inside joke) I'm not sure if
    the young girl you met with was her or a different girl, or a
    young girl, at a different amp. It's definitely YMMV at amp's
    today. J and I go back to 2000. The service I receive there, stays
    between her and I. I don't see anyone else at that amp.
    This way, silence is golden, works for both of us. You do have to
    shop, where you can get the best deals.
    Jarhead is absolutely correct about the amp in our boonie
    neighborhood. They enjoy their half a loaf. Nobody is going
    to take it away from them. It's enough of a high end reward for them, based on the low end risk factor they employ. They don't
    advertize in the paper, and they don't appreciate any internet
    advertizing. If you can comply with their rules, you will be a
    welcomed guest, and maybe later on, a friend.
    Friends will do favors for friends, as long as it stays between
    friends. Just my .02. Good luck out there.
  15. Zoltan


    Saddle Brook

    You called it BG. Went there and got a great kick ass massage and nothing else. First time I've ever been shut out at an AMP. Girl was very nice and spent the entire hour massaging. Then that was it. Didn't mind really since the massage was so good but it was sorta weird not getting the classic soft teasing touch leading up to the HR. Tipped 20 bucks and split. Place had everything I like: discreet entrance, low traffic, friendly girls etc. Hopefully next time will be the charm. Have to be a little patient these days I imagine. There didn't seem to be anyone there in charge so maybe she was just playing it safe.
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  16. Jarhead


    You CAN NOT always talk with your money.

  17. tekwrek


    You can always talk with your money

    If you are looking for a certain service and don't receive it, go where you can find that service. If enough people stay away from somewhere, they will eventually offer the same service to everyone. Not many places can make money soley on their current regulars. They need an influx of new customers.
    I am probably not getting the same service as Daro at the place where he finds J. I met with a young girl twice, the service didn't improve, so I am writing that AMP off my list. If I read that the service to non regulars improves, I will return. I am not about to spend 5-10 average sessions just to become a regular. I can get better service at other places.
  18. daro

    daro in loco CM

    No need to apologize to me. I wasn't the guy in line right behind you, who got shut out at the betting window. Dboch2 wasn't
    able to place his bet on a winning selection, and we all know
    how that famous chinese proverb works. NO TICKY, NO SHIRTY!
    These places all have ties to the internet. They know what goes
    on behind closed doors. They just don't like airing out the dirty
    laundry in public. It's better to rub elbows with them the
    right way. If you rub them the wrong way, you won't get
    rubbed at all. Just snubbed. Just my .02 on the subject.
    P.S. Your thought about sharing and this boards purpose
    was correct. With all the good watering holes drying up of late,
    we have to be a little more discreet and subtle, but still get
    our point across, in a language that our regular amp visitors
    will understand. All you need to know, is where the water is
    located, and that it's cold, clean, refreshing, and your thristing desire will be quenched. IMHO.
  19. yankees51


    Sorry for sharing my experience. I thought that's what this board is all about. You won't hear any more details from me. Keeping to yourself is much better.
  20. daro

    daro in loco CM


    The answer to your questions are YES. The yankee fan definitely
    went overboard. Yankee fans love to boast and brag.
    Last week I posted about my first wager on a new filly,
    in the thread about massage in western NJ. I tried to be
    subtle about what goes on at this racetrack. The track boss
    calls all the shots and decides who cums and who goes home with BB. If you don't cause waves, the boat doesn't rock.
    If you remain a quiet and pleasant passenger, you will receive
    an enjoyable trip. You don't have to share your trip experiences
    in detail with others. Remember loose lips, sink ships. Run silent, run deep.
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