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Discussion in 'New York' started by rocket, May 21, 2001.

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  1. Hotpuppy

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    Re: thanks guys

    No matter how many bad reviews these two get they manage to do very well because of the way they look, I was an hour away from an appointment with Claudia, when I saw some reviews( I had chosen her completely on looks). I called her and cancelled and she took the news like I didnt exist, which is probably the way the session would have went.
    take care hp

    BTW Boulevard is a great place to have dinner in SF
  2. rocket


    thanks guys

    I appreciate the help fellas, thanks!
    It's so funny that you say to avoid Claudia and Vanessa..Vanessa is who ripped me off..$$$$ for a speedy french lesson and then bam she was gone just left me in the dust. when i questioned her, she got nasty and bitchy and wanted another $$ to continue, i kicked her out..what a waste of money, she's damn hot tho!!
  3. kaybo


    Saw Mora there last summer. She's posted on sfredbook (excellent resource) in the past but I think she's on SF cityvibe- with video. She does mostly outcall. Italian and very sexy. Great breasts (natural D's) and is very well put together. Mid 30's with long auburn hair, a very sexy lady. Very sophisticated look and accent. We had a ton of fun. I worked out a 2nd pop- I think sf is a single pop town- for $$$, I think. We hit it off so it might be ymmv. She's safety concious, but I'm sure repeats get special attention.
  4. MrNY

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    This is a MUST VISIT !!!!!!!!

    Extras are available and negotiable with 9 outa 10 girls - VERY easy...

    Club Millennium
    1031 Kearny St
    San Francisco, CA
    Phone: (415)402-0000

    And, it's down the block from Sun (another gotta visit)

    I wouldn't even bother with Mitchell Brothers - unless you want to leave with blue balls and no money...

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  5. fishfry


    If you like sleaze,check out the Market Street Cinema. It's the closest thing to what Studio 90 was like. If you like to sample a lot of flesh in one place before committing yourself to one person, this is the best place to do it.
  6. schwenko


    Sun Spa- 801 Geary (corner of Hyde) 415-928-7938
    I had a great time with Mink, GiGi and a pretty good time with Jennifer. If you like Korean women (I do!)
  7. Hotpuppy

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    Niko, Asian Danielle, Brittany, Faye Desiree/ avoid Vanessa, unless you cant help yourself and absolutely avoid Claudia. If you are into ex-bodybuilder types try Melissa.
    take care HP
    BTW SF Redbook requires you to submit a review to gain access to the reviews
  8. oakraiders


    Take a look at worth joining if you are planning to see a few providers.

    Brandi at in call in Oakland is great.
    I'll try to find her contact info, I think she's on eros or lovings.
  9. jjbond



    Go to and look there, you will find out info you need.
  10. rocket


    I know this is the NY forum, i figured i would see what you guys had to say about the scene in San Fran because i am Traveling to SF this week,May 23rd,trying to get some advance word on the goods...i've been ripped off once by a VIP out there,i was wondering what yinfo/recommendations you guys had to share on the scene in SF...