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    Spoke with Elise of Elise’s Angels and told her of my impending visit to Miami. Elise was a total sweetheart on the phone and gave me the impression that she would be my personal concierge in the realms of sex with her girls. We had agreed that one night she would arrange for me to see Samantha and then Sara. Both different personalities, but both total GFE’s.

    Elise arranged for Sara to come to my hotel. I opened the door and this sweet, young woman came in with a smile that was like a lighthouse beacon. Incredible smile, such a sweet girl. Very much the girl next door type, but obviously had a naughty streak inside.

    After introductions and giving her the donation, she called down to Elise to tell her all was well and that she would see her in an hour. The second she hung up with Elise, her attention was focused on me. She came over to where I was sitting, sat next to me and initiated some LFK, which turned into sweet light DFK. As time progressed, this got deeper and more erotic. Soon we were both groping at each others bodies and feeling around. I got hold of her small but soft breasts and she grabbed Big Jim through my trousers. Sara was a little of a shy girl that opened up as her comfort level increased. She definitely wasn’t the stripper type of personality and wasn’t aggressive. I was going to have to take control of this one. . .but that’s what I want sometimes. I want to feel in control, making her do what I want. I told her to stand and strip for me. She stood and began to slowly take her jeans and top off to reveal some sexy lingerie and beneath. This little girl was getting hotter as we went along. I stood up, got naked next to her and began to intensify the DFK.

    I picked her up and laid her on the bed on the other side of the room. Continued to DFK with her and feeling her body all over. Her pussy was dripping wet and she would almost quiver by the touch. Without taking off all her lingerie, I pulled her panty to the side and began to dine on her. Shaved with a small patch on top and very, very sweet and clean. The more I dined, the more vocal she became. I had finally gotten to the point where I had her by her hips while I was employing deep suction to her clit. At the same time I inserted on digit and rubbed inside while sucking. Within a few minutes I could feel her muscles contract. Between the muscle contraction and her moans, I knew I did it for her. Nice, very nice indeed.

    My turn. I laid down and let her go at me. She was slow and careful. She began licking up and down the shaft while at the same time caressing the twins with her hands. . .very gently. When she reached the tip with her mouth, she would lick the head and encircle with her tongue just below the top. Finally she began to take me all in. Good suction, good eye contact, just a well done BBBJ. I really enjoyed it. After a while of this I suggested some 69. She quickly flipped around and put her pussy in my face and kept sucking Big Jim. We both enjoyed this mutual oral attention until it was time for the main event. She put a wrapper on me and got on top for a ride. She squatted on top of me and controlled the insertion, kind of gyrating at the same time. Finally all the way in and she stayed sitting up massaging her breasts while we both enjoyed the union.

    Flipped her onto her back, put her legs on my shoulders and I sat up and began a modified mish. Almost blew, but held off for my favorite position – doggie. Flipped her over for the doggie and we went at it. She pushed back hard and kept looking back at me with her innocent eyes. I blew after several minutes. We collapsed with me still inside her and cuddled for a bit. She got up and got a towel for me and cleaned me up.

    We chatted for a bit and time for her to go, Elise was waiting downstairs for her. Kissed good night.

    Extremely sweet girl. Very attractive and once she warms up, a sexual tigress. This is the one you always wanted to control but were afraid to try cause she’s so nice. Highly recommend.