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  1. OnlyS4Me


    Tell us a little bit more about Karla , it would be great if you can give some more info about her and some more pics of her on your site. :)
  2. Quick Popper

    Quick Popper

    Sorry I've missed you in the past but plan on trying to arrange for an upcoming Saturday. Can't wait to be between your tongues for some great oral.
  3. betty_snj


    my "2 for 1" special was a success and some of you didn't have the chance to book us because we didn't have enough openings (no pun intended) for the time we had planned.
    So, for a while, Karla will be available for the "2 for 1" special again (for UG guys only) on saturdays.
    If you're interested, please CALL ME first, mail me second :)
    Why? because sometimes I don't access my mail until I'm home, after 10 pm. A phone call is easier, faster and much more fun to set up an appointment.
    For more information, please click on my ad here or go to:

    Please mention you're an UG member.
    Hope to see you between our tongues!
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