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Discussion in 'Free ads for Independent and Touring girls' started by Miss Brienne, Feb 28, 2006.

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  1. RuffToy


    Greetings Ms. B.....suggest you plan a visit to will not be lonely.
  2. Miss Brienne

    Miss Brienne

    85 it for you?

    I just might have the pleasure of visiting Harrisburg and Philly PA next week, Wed-Friday,March 8th-10th.

    Wanna know more about me? should tell you most of what you would like to know. Please do you and I both a favor- take the time to read my site thoroughly. It is there and carefully pieced together for both of our benefits, take advantage of it. :)

    (side note-please ignore the calendar - I have implemented a scheduler and a few other features-please be patient).

    Can't see me next week? Do you travel? You can always find me in Pittsburgh, PA. If I am not there, Dallas, Ohio and Chicago seem to be the next best.

    Until then- stay sexy, stay safe and heaven forbid, HAVE FUN!!