SCAM! tiffany/summer/savannah ads in LA Weekly

Discussion in 'California' started by bro_xtian, Apr 18, 2001.

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  1. skagen


    My sympathies for the rip off, but you made a pretty basic error. The "money outside to the driver" move is a common set up. It usually means that the girl can flat out leave OR she can come back and tell you that you are now committed to a very expensive lap dance. The cell phone? Immaterial. It could easily have been a dummy phone or a stolen one. Even she left it and ran, you wouldn't recoup your $200 selling it on on E-bay.

    The cash should ALWAYS stay in the room until the session is complete. Remember that you cannot force a girl to have sex with you, even if she has taken money from you. So the only protection you (the John) have is that the cash remains in the room and you might get it back if she tries to rip you off.

    In fact, when I'm most vulnerable, (ie. I'm an obvious out-of-towner doing an outcall in a hotel) I often count out the cash, leave it in the open or near the girl's things - and ask that she not collect it till we are done. Many legitimate providers (indies especially) prefer to not collect the cash until AFTER sex: LE is not allowed to actually have sex while trying to make a bust.

    There is the occasional legitimate girl/agency who wants to give the cash to a third party first. But they're so few that you're better off erring on the side of caution.

    Also, I recommend reconfirming everything verbally face-t-face with the girl, BEFORE you hand over a dime. I NEVER start a session with an unknown provider (unless its an agency that I'm familiar with AND I trust) without asking asking:

    a) are they a cop
    b) what services am I getting
    c) how much will my total outlay be (other than the courtesy tip)

    If they think you're a cop, the hell with them - let them go. If you think they might be a cop, you should be pulling the plug on the session anyway.

    I can't tell you how much trouble (and cash) that approach has saved me - even here at home in NYC. For example I used to use the $150 "boroughs: outcall agencies a lot. Very often they'd claim a girl would do things that she really wouldn't, eg BBBJ or Greek. If you ask the girl AFTER she gets the cash and checks in with the agency, no way in I could cancel and get my cash back.
  2. Playmateinla


    April In Los Angeles

    I'm sorry to hear about your bad experience. It sure does ruin it for the "legit" escorts as myself. If you are interested in ever seeing me you can check out my webpage at

    My voice mail is on there so I will call you right back as soon as I get the message.

    Better luck to you. :)

  3. Turbo


    Sorry about that bro. Wish I had known you were looking. Could have warned you about that one. There are some really good ones here, Tasha Ray just moved here, but a TON of rip-offs. Guess it just has to do with there being so many.
  4. bro_xtian


    ok, so having planned not to do any business while in LA last week, i did not check into any recommended providers, and then when some time and inclination popped up, i did not have any internet access to research any, so what did i do... i took a stab at an ad in LA Weekly.

    i choose tiffany, 310-276-3545.

    HUGE mistake. she seemed really nice on the phone, and offered an unbelievable price of $200. i thought this is to good to be true, but simply expected i would be hit up for some kind of extra tip, or maybe she would be unattractive, but i decided to give it a whirl.

    well, after an hour and half of waiting, no tiffany. she then calls with some laime excuse about going to the wrong hotel, than says she is getting off the exit of the freeway as we speak, and will be there in 5 or 10 minutes. an hour later, still no tiffany. i call her number and speak to her "roomate" who tells me she will try and call her and call me back. half hour, and no call back. so i call back, and she says something about horrible traffic on the 405 causing major problems, but she is nearby and will come down herself and make it up to me with a really good time, and also assures me she is very attractive with a great body. she says she will be there in 10 minutes.

    an hour later, i am about to give up, and take off, and while stepping outside to leave i see this gorgeous blonde walking towards me.

    i think maybe after all this, it will turn out ok afterwards.


    we get inside, and she tells me we need to take care of finances up front. i pay her the $200. she tells me she has to take the money out to her driver, at which i begin to immediately object but she is already downplaying it by pointing out that she has left her cell phone on the table to assure me that she will be back.

    i accept that, but now have a bad feeling that i wish i had listened to. when she comes back, she tells me to sit down so she can explain how there service works. i tell her to cut to the chase, this is where you ask for an extra tip for service. of course this is right (the $200 is for the service/driver blah blah blah). she is incredibly hot so i max out the amount i had set for myself as the most i would spend, and give her an additional $150.

    she takes it and starts talking a lot of shit about how much police activity there is, and that there is no way for her to know if i am a cop or not, no way for me to know if she is a cop, and keeps this up in a very weird and vague way that in retrospect i know is to raise the fear in me that she might be a cop. when i mention the phrase full service she freaks out and tells me to tell her what that is, etc. it was very weird, but by now she has undressed, and i am hooked. she was incredible, and i stupidly lost my mind for a few minutes until she stopped me from proceeding, telling me that what i have paid for is mutual masturbation only!

    the whole thing is a load of crap designed to seperate you from as much money as possible, while providing no service whatsoever!

    the girl couldn't even keep her story straight in the end. first telling me that this was just a test to make sure i wasn't a cop. after this, i would be given a different number to call her directly, so i wouldn't have to pay the $250 to the service (which remember was only $200), that i would just pay her tip and we will do a lot more. her name had been savannah. but minutes later it changed and i was supposed to just call the regular number and tell them i am a regular, and ask for her, and she now calls herself savannah.

    to make a long story short, STAY AWAY!

    or if you feel like being more proactive, call them and set of fake appointments in far flung places to get even for me, i would appreciate it! because far worse than scaming some money from me is that they took away a whole evening of my time, all of which i am sure is a part of their plan!

    to anser your inevitable question, yes, i feel pretty stupid about it, but i would rather tell people so they can avoid landing in a similar situation, then just suffer my shame in silence!