Scarey Experience at Vics

Discussion in 'Stripclubs, Strippers and Porn Stars' started by DESERTJOE, Aug 28, 2006.

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  1. wheninvegas2005


    You did the right thing. They would have kicked the shit out of you.
  2. kilroywashere


    In Vic's you have no Allies. Unless they are your friends that came in with you. The reason the guys at the pool table did nothing is becuase you left
    and did nothing. the big guy has allies and let you know. The thing is, His allies could have been sitting next to you (or on your lap). I dont think it matters that you are white or black. For some reason, known only to them they marked and picked on you. If you go back remember you could be dealing with a gang and they are ready and waiting for something to happen.
    Again becareful in Vic's


    Thanks for all the support and advice. I'm sure I will go back at some point when the little head outrules the big one and I'll take some of the advice to heart. Initiating small talk with one or two of the guys at the bar certainy makes sense in case one needs them as allies later on. As far as me getting out of there ASAP that day, I wasn't in the best position to mount a protest being in the middle of an illegal act with my pants opened and I didn't know which way the pool table guys were going to go. Zipping up & leaving still seems like it was the safest course of action.
  4. HawkEye65


    My 2 Cents...

    Get over it AND never go back again!

    Going into another element always has challenges. You might go to another similar bar, but if you go back to Vics you better not slink out again or everyone will mark you as a target. The fact that nobody backed up the asshole making a scene makes me think that they know he's the asshole who gives shit to guys that look out of the element. By leaving, you played into his hand.

    Personally, if it were me there's a good chance I'd have done the same thing. It's too easy to be tough on a board when you weren't there, so I won't go there. But I've been in similar situations in other places, and I went to the guys who weren't backing the asshole up, made a joke and broke the ice, and after that everything was cool. The "tough guy" still harassed me and gave me looks and comments, but when he did I just turned to my "new friends" and made a joke.

    Of course every situation is different, and I was real careful when I left that the A-hole wasn't following me out. Even a great night can be ruined if your scared shitless walking out. It really has to be worth it to go back.
  5. theo1


    Get over it, or never go back to Vic's again!

    To me it's worth a trip just to "see what's happening" and have a Bud!
  6. darryl


    To the guys offering helpful info... it sounds good on paper. However, I have to side with my man DesertJoe. If you're the only white guy in a place like Vic's and ON TOP OF THAT, you have some big rough brutha trying pick with you, it's not the easiest thing to make like 007 with balls of steel.

    Glad you made it out okay dude!
  7. beadman



    Funny shit.
  8. daengman


    There was a post about a provider with herpes? I must have missed it. Was the contact info ever posted??
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  9. Captain Kirk

    Captain Kirk

    That's what I love about UtopiaGuide members.

    Someone can post about a provider with herpes who treated the reviewer like crap or an otherwise dangerous experience and someone always wants contact info.
  10. iliketang



    It's somewhere in Jersey :). Actually, hit search, type in Vics and you will find a ton of info.
  11. J Burb

    J Burb

    Just to add to this you might also say:

    "Is'nt attempted extortion and impersonating a law officer a felony offense?" Or "I'd rather sort it out in court then but your going to either need to produce better ID or get a uniformed officer here first"

    This is a familiar scam that SW's sometimes pull with johns so any street mongers out there should be aware of it too. (probably where the guy got the idea)

    Whats the bouncer situation in this joint and would they even give a shit?
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  12. stripclubz


    I would have told the owner and had him booted and banned. That kind of crap is really bad for his business.
  13. CarmineS


    I know I'll sound like a total newbie, but where is Vics?
  14. KevEkev


    Shake it off,.. Thats what gets respect.

    I can understand how might feel but I would shake that off and show up the very next day again.
    Thats what gets respect when you show you can shake that off. It was pretty weak and lame on his part thats why nobody from the pool table wanted any part of it. Even they probably considered it too lame and loserish.

    He was just an asshole. You can get them anywhere and they come in all colors, & races.

    You should have quickly got your composure and played along asking him a quick question,.. like;

    "What makes you think I got $100 on me?"

    "whether or not he was going to take you in to see Sgt. Anderson or Captain Reynolds who's in charge of vice", because you know them both personally and don't have a problem with seeing either one."

    I don't know if there's a sgt. anderson or cpt. reynolds but neither does that asshole.

    And you say it in a certain straight forward tone and then go into ignore mode,.. but keep your eyes on him without looking the slightest bit worried,..
    finish your business and then go to the bar buy another beer from the owner dude and let him know low-life dudes in the bar trying to shake down white customers ain't good for his business and he should keep that dude out,.. then point him out without pointing. On your way out,.. take your cell phone out and dial a number and start talking while walking.

    Take your time to leave though,.. like you'll leave when you want and not sooner because of the asshole.

    I'll give you another tip: When you see a regular face thats always there be it the owner, the barmaid, the doorguys, another white guy, or a familiar black or hispanic guy that looks like he's there the same way you are,.. as a diversion from work,.. Working people, thats a whole different category of people mixed in there among something different, and they are identifiable to the eye,.. speak to them,.. say whats up,.. mention some sports talk, you don't have to have any long convo just always acknowledge a few familar faces that don't seem threatening to you. THAT WAY IT APPEARS THAT YOU KNOW PEOPLE.

    You have janitors(still in work clothes), sanitation workers, utility workers, cable tv guys, salesman, etc that are regular guys that stop there as a diversion, so crack a joke and keep it moving, or ask the cable tv guy about some cable or internet access bullshit then keep it moving, because everybody knows what they are there for, even that asshole knew what he was there for,.. to see if his ploy was gonna snare somebody that day.
  15. The Purple Helmet

    The Purple Helmet

    the one and only time i went here, after being patted down by the goon at the door, some gangstra dude try to trip me as I walked to a spot at the bar. Im sure that asshole was trying to get a "reaction" from me. I ignored him as i was by myself and the only white dude in the place. I will never go back to this shit hole. Too dangerous and the skanks aint worth it.

  16. Gavvy Cravath

    Gavvy Cravath Moderator Emeritus

    Isn't this the chick from the fichas that is into Wet Wooly?

  17. paulbunyon


    Sorry to hear about that DesertJoe. What a fucking douchebag!! Maybe he has the hots for that girl, was jealous and wanted to fuck with you. But its not cool at all to fuck with another guy while trying to bust a nut. Everybody knows the deal there.
  18. HueG.rection


    Popped in there today and had no problems nor did I feel threatened at any time. I am a late 30's white male and had no issues to date.


    I'm more a sporadic than frequent visitor,when I have a free afternoon and the mood or need hits me. But I'd recognize him again. About six feet, big from both fat and muscle, full round face, medium complection. Sporting a plain white t-shirt and a red beret/kangool hat turned backwards on that day anyway.
  20. iusedtobeone1



    Hey DesertJoe....

    I would love to show up there with my boys and give that guy a spoonful of his own medicine. Are you a frequent patron and would you recognize this guy if you saw him again.