Screening - How far will you go?

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  1. curious


    Maybe we're just (relatively)risk-averse when we're in pursuit of pay-for-play ("the sure thing").

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  2. SubmissiveAngel


    from your cavalier attitude, it appears that you consider the risk for harm on both sides to be equal. that would be a surprisingly naiive belief coming from a big guy who prides himself on his street-savvy.
  3. Thorn


    From another thread:

    And you can't be... sure that is. Which is why I disdain security measures like this one where the person paying the money is the one being asked to take the risks.

    Sure, it puts the provider at ease because she is assuming less risk, but it does so by placing you, the client, at greater risk.

    The client, who is paying, shouldn't be asked to assume risk.
  4. nycstripclubs


    What happens when you provide RL info to providers.

    Accused sex ringleader linked to media CFO-reports
    Sat Jun 17, 2006 1:51 PM ET

    NEW YORK, June 17 (Reuters) - An accused prostitution ringleader said a Time Warner Inc. <TWX.N> Chief Financial Officer was her "sugar daddy" in a relationship where he had showered her with gifts, two New York tabloid newspapers reported on Saturday.

    A Time Warner spokesman declined to comment on the allegations against CFO Wayne Pace.

    Andrea Schwartz was accused of operating a high-priced sex for hire business out of a million dollar New York apartment, charging clients up to $1,500 per session, according to reports in the New York Daily News and the New York Post.

    Pace's lawyer, Mark Pomerantz, was not immediately reachable for comment but the Daily News quoted him as saying Pace "had no inappropriate relationship with her." Pomerantz said Pace identified Schwartz as a real-estate agent.

    According to the Daily News report, Schwartz confirmed Pomerantz's account and said "I never did prostitution."

    In an interview from her prison cell, Schwartz said she had met the Pace at the bar of the Four Seasons hotel a few years ago, according to the reports.

    Time Warner publishes People magazine and owns the Warner Bros. film studio.
  5. Thorn


    Absolutely true, and I wouldn't say differerntly.

    What I am saying is that it doesn't have to be like that. Providers can, if they care to learn how, take steps to protect themselves that limit their clients' potential exposure. They just have to want to.
  6. Thorn


    Correct, but as in your "robbery" story above the way you knew what that particular caller was up to was shared intelligence.

    This is the first, and one of the best, ways for providers to protect themselves that also protects clients. Pooled information.

    It doesn't matter that legit clients are using information that won't trace back to them when illiget clients [clients who would mean you harm] are re-using booking info that is part of a shared pool.

    As I said, there are many ways for providers who care to work it smart, frequently by working it together - sharing intel is one way - to work safer and still minimize the risk of exposure to their clients.
  7. Monk


    If this were only true in the hobby, Thorn, if it were only true! The truth is that our transactions are not black and white but grey. We assume all sorts of risks. The game is to reduce your exposure to these risks, but still get what you desire from the transaction. Both you and the provider play that same game, though, adding to the level of complexity.
  8. yuri

    yuri She asked for it

    how-to? anyone knows how to fool, it's nothing can be called intellegence. and girls know the tricks , but some are just too hungry no matter bad things happen to them again and again. Most guys don't do it is just from humanity.
    I know using some phone service you can change your phone # and caller ID to any # and ID you want.
    it's not new any more.
  9. yuri

    yuri She asked for it

    there's no such a way that promise you 100% safe, but screen can defenitely reduce the harm.
    I got a phone# from 4 girls who became victim of his robbery. some girls told me her friend even got robbed twice. why? they don't screen or sometimes they lose the guard.
    the same robber called me on January 1st. this year. his name appeared on my cell phone as "robber2" ( I have four robbers in my phone). At beginning I just said I don't see anyone on new years day. After 10 minutes, he called again said he would pay me more than I ususlly charge. I thought "now it became interesting, I want to play the game" I asked the work phone#, he said his office is closed, anyway no one will answer. I said,"doesnt matter, just tell me the phone #. He gave up &said, iwill call you back. the conversition so far is just the same as most guys who don't want to give work phone#.
    5 minutes later, he called again and give me a 212#( guess it's just a random # he checked before giving to me). I told him "sorry, I can find it on internet. but tell me what do you do?" he said,"i worked in advertising company." I can't stand any more and told him" I know what you do, want me to guess? you are a robber." he yelled out how do you know? I said " yes, i've waited for you." He then told me some of his robbery stories, it's easy for him because girls don't screen. he won't care girls screaming, crying, begging, and some girls seem used to it and just give the money. He always wear suits, so let him in and ask for ID is just a stupid idea. Screen beforhand is the only way to avoid him. The next day he told me he felt so bad that he robbed another asian girl, because its the first appointment of that day, no cash, and he took her laptop and sold it.
    A massage place in LI, mama even buy him sushi and pay him protection fee.
    well, he suddenly stopped calling me two month later, guess got poisoned or beaten up.
    Doing screen or not is girls' option depends on how much risk she wants to take.
  10. Thorn


    There are ways to screen that do very little to hamper the secure anonymity of the client. Someday, when I move a little bit further down the line from what I do now, I'll write a how-to on the subject.

    However, as I have said in the past, a client's right to feel secure in his person and in his personal business is paramount to doing business with providers.

    This can be a nasty business that isn't always on the up and up. IF I am paying the cash I do so for services rendered. One of those services is to be sure that none of what I am doing comes back to haunt me in my personal life in any way.

    In my business when I get paid I take the risks. When I pay someone else, they assume the risks.

    That is not at all to say that I do not comprehend, or take into account with compassionate understanding, the need of the provider to keep herself safe.

    Like I said, there are ways to go about it that still make for good business.

    As a side note, any client with any interest and the mental fortitude to make it so can come up with all manner of work arounds to just about any provider's attempt to get personal information about them as a means to keep them, what they believe to be, safe.

    So much so that use of such things as asking for real names, employer info, call back numbers or unblocked numbers, etc and so forth, becomes meaningless and actually does very little to keep the provider safe from someone that would intend them harm.
  11. yuri

    yuri She asked for it

    there is no agree, disagree on this issue because the marketing is difference. I never make money from ones who don't give infor, and they can never see girls who screen strictly. Or maybe I am just not that hungry and prefer to having some fun from it. Do you think a girl mentally can be heathy if they don't care any more that someone sticks guns or knives on the head asking for money? yes, some girls have no choices since half of their money gives away like this, or they have to spend money to keep on moving to avoid stalking.
    There was a place on upper east side until 2 years ago after got busted several times. It even had good reputation on this board for its discreet set up. It was the first and only agency I worked for. In only 2 weeks for short hours every day, I heard scarying stories almost every day. guys take money back after session happens all the time. Clients are from white, black, spanish, indian, to asian, from mexican kitchen helpers, constructure workers to lawers, businessmen. they can't see each other and don't know what happened before their session because the so called discreet set up.
    but I know they never changed sheets during my working there 2 weeks. Girls had to using the same towel again and again to cover the sheets. Clients were not encouraged to take shower. Amazingly, they have some other japanese girl working there just because mama's gigolo was a japanese. Anyway, when I decided to leave 2 weeks later, I convinced everyone to leave. one month later one of the girl was diagnosed to have STD, a girl who was called the best looking ever asian girl in the city. well, she alreay went back to japan.
    Above discussed just to make a point that screening is mainly a filtering process for some girls to choose clients, protect both us and our clients. Do I keep information of clients? I can barely remember names of clients having see me 3,4times. what's worth to keep your phone #?If I have a big serect like that Monica of Clinton,I may be serious to think about making big money
  12. Bandaid


    I offer to show a work ID and my health insurance card, so long as the provider doesn't write it down. It's worked every time I tried it. All I would have to worry about is a provider with perfect recall. I don't know if the cops go to the trouble of making fake IDs and setting up false office numbers. They could, but I don't know if they try that hard.

    Providers have a legitimate need for safety, and so do I. This seems to be good enough for everybody I've dealt with.
  13. curious


    Or, to put it another way- any prostitute who requires personally identifying info of a prospective client before she'll even consider allowing him to pay her cash for a visit- also is requiring him to be either:

    (a) more naïve and trusting than she is

    or is

    (b) obligating him to lie to her in order to get an appointment.
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  14. curious


    If that's the standard for being 'smart', then the same goes for guys who don't submit to screening regimens. To wit:

    It's worth passing up experiences with a few prostitutes (that might be only marginally competent performers anyway) versus an outing.. be safe!

    (Even if you only get together once, and never repeat, she'll still always have the info you gave her.)

    ((Please don't feed me a bullshit line about it getting deleted - we'll just have to agree to disagree.)
  15. suddanlyknot


    smart gal.. I'm am mostly an amp guy just for those reasons.. go 1x or 2x they know you and it's trust or not.. I have given my info to one agency and one indy.. both were cool and professional.. called work to verify as real estate agents etc. . I prefer to deal with smart chiks.. like yuri who seems to feel it's worth losing a cpl of w/b clients vs a bust.. be safe
  16. yuri

    yuri She asked for it

    i can be careless about losing a potential client if he cannot satisfy my request. It's for my own safty. Talking with a well known robber on phone for months, he sounds very sweet, very normal on phone though. he told me why he can keep his business( he calls it his business) is because there are so many stupid girls don't screen...

    on the other hand, i really appreciate guys who are very honest when they call to make an appointment. To return the favor, i try my best to please.
    it should be fair that two persons know about each other , you know where i live, so i should at least know where you work, right? don't really care where you live, what is your job, well, if you don't have your own office phone, chances are really small.
    have to say i lose some money, but the secure and happy feeling when giving service is priceless.
    never had a bad experience....
  17. westside


    It really annoys me when they want like references or ask that you don't call from a blocked number.... I just pass on those that want references or office numbers....

    If I wanted a girlfriend I would've gotten one. I just want a girl to suck my d*ck... That's all... No need for all that other personal information...

    The only she can be sure of when we meet is my financial worth cause I have to at least cover her fees.
  18. seeker6591

    seeker6591 banned

    great approach ! if she was stupid enough to ask ...she is probably stupid enough to fall for it. most will not however.

    who gives a hoot?

    if a provider gives you a hard time...she may be difficult in person.

    my advice is to move on and find a different one!

    why take these kind of risks and place yourself in jeopardy ????
  19. fortydog


    This is what I replied to a girl who was asking for references. It worked.

    "I don't really have any references I could give. I'm rather new to
    this and don't have a long track record. Given that, I'm do not want
    to betray the trust I put any previous providers or put them in a
    position to talk about me to some third party and betray my trust in
    them. I hope you can understand."
  20. curious


    Is that why the nice officer wants to see my license, registration, and insurance card when he pulls me over?
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